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John Horgan’s stand on the forests of B.C.

To the Editor,

As we know he promised on the last election platform to right your policy on the forest.

He has not done anything . When asked on the T.V. debate about stopping shipping of raw logs out of B.C.,he completely avoided that part of the question.

At the farmer’s market on Saturday, Oct. 10, a strong NDP supporter told me the NDP candidate was there and could answer my questions. I asked her what the Premier’s standing was on our province shipping raw logs and milling the forest in the immediate area that the trees grow.

She poltically said she didn’t know and didn’t even know what I was talking about.

When you come into the North Thompson Valley, you see a lot of forest — our mainstay. They truly need answers for the people and at least acknowledgement.

The “Covid” is not the only crisis in this valley and its time the politicians started looking after the welfare of the people — all the people, not just the big corporations.

Calling an early election in the midst of this epidemic is foolhardy and unecessary, and speaks very plainly where the government’s concerns are.

It’s not for the well-being of its citizens. It seems it’s for party politics and personal glory.

Mary Stewart

A North Thompson voter