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Not a leg to stand on

To the Editor;

With the COVID lockdowns there has been an increased demand for pets especially dogs, although mainly only the cute looking ones. The problem is that many dogs have been selectively bred to increase their cuteness and this has led to health problems for them including bulldogs and pugs which have breathing problems due to their flat face features. This is cruel.

The British Kennel Club has recently issued a statement regarding the breeding of dachshunds saying they should have enough ‘ground clearance’. They have been bred to be longer and have shorter legs but why?

What society should be considering is providing the best possible life for their pets. That includes exercise, food and love, not just ‘cuteness’.

It seems that social media especially Instagram has led us in the wrong direction, and probably kept us on a short leash.

Enjoy the company of your pets, not just their appearance.

Dennis Fitzgerald

Melbourne, Australia



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