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Opinion: B.C. Election Results

I have always found that immediately after an election, there is a sense of letdown. I’m not referring to the results or who the winners and losers are, rather a feeling similar to the experience after a major championship such as the Stanley Cup or Super Bowl when you suddenly realize the season is over.

Elections bring a sense of energy and focus on essential matters that often slip away in the days that follow. We talk about issues; we ask questions; we pay real attention to what is happening in our communities and our province. We are invigorated by dialogue and exercising our right to vote.

I applaud every person who puts their name forward to take a stand and run for any political party. Whether you were on the winning side of the ballot or not this past Saturday, you did something that most of us would never be brave enough to consider… You took the time to run for public office. Thank you!

To those who were successful and will be part of the new provincial legislature, we know that it is difficult and often thankless work. It certainly does not get any easier when the election is over. You will always have those that agree with your decisions and many, who are generally more vocal, that do not. These are difficult days as we continue to deal with the continued fallout from the pandemic. Our citizens look to the government to make decisions that will help us stay safe and keep the economy strong and healthy.

We will all have to work cooperatively, collaboratively, and seek innovative ways of thinking to collectively move forward. It will be a formidable time and I wonder what we will be reflecting on the next time this province goes to the polls.

As well, I would like to congratulate Lisa Beare on her re-election. Minister Beare has been a tremendous support to the tourism industry over the past three years. While she may or may not be once again our Minister of Tourism, Arts, and Culture, I would personally like to thank her for all of her work and unwavering attention to this critically important industry in our province.

– Glenn Mandziuk is President and CEO of the Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association (TOTA)