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Thanks Star/Journal for keeping me informed, entertained and moved

To the Editor;

My goodness, it’s unreal that Christmas is this week!

When our wonderful Barriere Star/Journal reminded me of that in the Dec. 17 edition I could hardly believe it.

Right from page one’s coverage of the lucky dog, ‘River’ who’d been lost on a mountain, through the paper to an inspiring article on a writer’s circle; to a ‘pause for thought’ on the fact we are not all actually in the same boat during Covid; to warning of a scam; to programs for seniors; to various sports for all ages… this late December edition covered a lot of great thoughts!

Plus, like me, everyone out there with a paper in their hands enjoyed all the stories especially those written by community children.

I wish everyone at the paper, especially Jill, Lisa, volunteers, contributors, supporters and everyone who was informed, entertained and/or moved by the Star/Journal this year, a jolly and blessed Christmas and a happy, healthy New Year.

Rita Joan Dozlaw

Kamloops, B.C.