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There’s a lot more to do than argue

To the Editor;

The world seems to be looking in many directions at the moment. In the US there is a ‘Quad’ meeting with the leaders of the US, Australia, India, and Japan discussing unrest in the Pacific region which translates to ‘China’, even though they won’t say so. This is a group united to oppose one country.

On the other hand, they are also announcements from several of these countries concerning how many COVID vaccines they will be giving away to countries that need them but haven’t been able to source them or afford them. This is a great effort and should be applauded.

Which way are they and most countries heading, their own interests, their friend’s interests, or the world’s interest? It isn’t clear or consistent, but this is certainly a time to unite and first wipe out COVID, or at least contain its spread and then they could look at the challenges of climate change or food production.

There is a lot more to do than argue.

Dennis Fitzgerald

Melbourne, Australia



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