Time for spoiled children to grow up

To the editor:

As a teacher I was often asked by students for general advice on life.

The best advise was to not do anything you couldn’t tell your grandmother and to seek your grand parent’s advice as they had seen life and didn’t have to be nice to you like your parents.

This week we have seen some wise advice from a grandmother, the Queen, and yet so few seem to be listening to it.

There seems to be a lot of spoiled children in Glasgow who might benefit from a smack, although no longer appropriate, for the damage they have caused and will continue to do to the world. It’s not helped that a couple of the most troublesome children, Putin and Xi Jinping, who have refused to participate.

It’s time to grow up, plan for the future in 2021 start making changes in 2021 not 2030, 2050 or worse still 2070. Why is this not obvious to all of them?

Dennis Fitzgerald

Melbourne, Australia



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