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TNRD expenditures are reason for change

To the Editor,

It comes as no surprise that we are being made aware of the mess, realized and complained about for many years by many citizens, that the TNRD represents; and it has been this way from day one.

The TNRD is a useless foundation that, in too many situations, serves no real purpose but to put funds into what appears to be useless spending.

With my working experience over many years in this area, I have observed, too many times, how the TNRD, after receiving payment for fees charged for application purposes only, refuses to permit the proposed project, but keeps the application fee. Then applying that fee to what?

It is time to disband this money-gouging organization and come up with some qualified, insightful, experienced personnel who can make logical and informed decisions on how to proceed with necessary projects and advancements to benefit our population.

Alcide Proulx

Barriere, B.C.



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