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TNRD expense policy deserves further comment

To the editor,

To the editor,

Your May 26, 2022, article entitled “TNRD expense policy draws heated discussion” deserves further comment.

How sad it was to read that people around that table were complaining about the quality of food at conferences, or the fact that not enough money was provided so that they can eat well, when we read about the lack of EMR coverage in our area.

If you aren’t happy with the quality of food, complain to the organizer. And if you think there isn’t enough money for what you think is quality food, think of ways to bring your own.

As a ratepayer I grow very tired of watching money being wasted for all the wrong reasons.

Need another example? How about the ridiculous payout for the former CAO….how many EMR’s could have been hired with that payout? Think of the raises you could provide EMR’s so that they would stay at their job.

No one wants to hear that Emergency Medical Responders are short staffed, or unavailable to respond to a call. Just like no one wants to hear about wasting taxpayers dollars on whining politicians looking for a better breakfast.

Peter Brown

Barriere, B.C.


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