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Where is the magic in Twitter?

To the editor;

To the editor;

There are reports that Elon Musk has fired 3,700 people from their Twitter jobs, about half of the total staff. Apart from the first four senior staff sacked by Musk it is unlikely he would have any idea of who the others are or what this will do to their lives. He has stopped their internal email accounts, so they won’t have the opportunity to tell him what they think.

It seems odd that they are being told by email, couldn’t they just receive a message via Twitter, or doesn’t he trust it enough? Most people get fired on site, possibly too time consuming if he has to meet, greet and exit 3,700 people. The other option, a bit more cowardly was to send a letter by mail although this might take a while to get through and as he has just spent $44 billion in US funds, he might not have enough left for the stamps and envelopes.

As one of the few people in the world that doesn’t use social media, I am unsure what the magic of Twitter is, and from what I read Facebook usage is declining. Maybe my old Myspace site is still there although I haven’t checked it for a decade or so.

I think we all need to go outside and smell the flowers or see whatever nature is offering in your own local area. It will make your day a bit better or worse depending on where you live, but at least it will be real.

Dennis Fitzgerald

Melbourne, Australia