4-H excel at Fall Fair and Provincial Winter Fair

Yellowhead 4H Club Report by Lauren Tremblay - PWF

4-H members await weighing of their lambs before competitions start at the 2013 Provincial Winter Fair held at the North Thompson Agriplex in September.

From August 30 to September 2, it was the North Thompson Fall Fair and Rodeo.  The Yellowhead 4-H Club participated in the Fair, with other 4-H clubs from many places.

The Fall Fair parade float this year was made by Tasha Tremblay. Riding on the float was 4-H alumni and the Yellowhead 4-H Club. There was candy getting thrown to people on the streets, and we almost ran out! This float won first place! Thank you to all the families who donated their time to making this float happen, and a huge thanks to Stamer Logging.

The results for the sheep club members were as follows:

In the 4-H Yearling Ewe Competition, Grace Kempter came 2nd. Next was Showmanship classes; to be a proper showman you just look like you are having fun. You should always be watching the judge, and know where to be in the ring.  In the under 9 division, Tanner Shilling came 2nd, and Olin Coates came 4th. Tanner was the Champion under 9 Showman. The first Junior showman class; Josh Tremblay 4th, Sami Jones 5th, and Kash Segouin 6th. Class two; Cam Kerslake 2nd, Sheldon Van Sickle 3rd, Grace Kempter 4th, and Tyler Schilling 5th. Class three; Aaron Van Sickle 3rd, Tyson Schilling 4th, Madi Kerslake 5th, and Katherine Pelayo 6th. Class 4; Halle Smith 1st, and Helen Newton 3rd. In the Junior Showmanship champion Class Halle Smith came 3rd. Senior Championship Showmanship; Nicole Huber 1st, and Hannah Feller 3rd. The Supreme Champion 4-H Showmanship class was won by Nicole Huber.

Then there were the Weight Classes. Weight Class is more about your animal than anything. The judge will make sure your lamb has gained properly, and they will look for muscling in the animal. Class one; Kash Segouin 1st, Sheldon Van Sickle 3rd, Katherine Pelayo 6th, Sami Jones 7th, and Josh Tremblay 8th. Class 2; Halle Smith 2nd place, Hannah Feller 4th, and Helen Newton 8th place. Class 3; Aaron Van Sickle 1st, Cam Kerslake 3rd, Madi Kerslake 4th, Tyler, Schilling 5th, and Tyson Schilling 6th. Class 4 consisted of Nicole Huber 5th, and Grace Kempter 6th place. The Champion 4-H Market Class was awesome with three Yellowheads placing; Halle Smith 4th, Aaron Van Sickle 5th, and Kash Segouin 6th place. Congratulations to all the amazing Yellowhead Sheep members, you all made our club proud.

Beef 4-H members also did fabulous at Fall Fair.  Class 1 Junior Showmanship; Lauren Tremblay 1st, Linden Ross 3rd, Jonathan Fennell 4th, and Thompson Mitchell in a different class came 3rd. The Junior 4-H Champion was Lauren Tremblay. In the Senior classes, Class 3; Tristan Brackman 1st, Dustin Pawloff 2nd, Kyle Zurbrugg 3rd, Hanna Wadlegger 4th, and Eli Lingren 5th. In Class 4; Leanna Mitchell 2nd, Spencer Pawloff 3rd, and Christine Kempter 4th. And lastly in Class 5; Quinn Brackman 1st, Hannah Feller 4th, and Saul Lingren 5th. The Senior 4-H Champion Showman was Leanna Mitchell, and the Reserve Grand Champion was Quinn Brackman. The Champion Showman Overall was Leanna Mitchell.

Next was Weight Class. In Class 1; Kyle Zurbrugg came 3rd, Saul Lingren 4th, Hannah Feller 5th, and Hanna Wadlegger 7th. In Class 2; Linden Ross came 2nd, Jonathan Fennell 4th, Christine Kempter 5th, Tristan Brackman 6th, and Eli Lingren 7th. In Class 3; Spencer Pawloff 1st, Dustin Pawloff 3rd, Leanna Mitchell 4th, Quinn Brackman 5th, and Lauren Tremblay 6th. The Champion 4-H Market Steer was Spencer Pawloff.

Lastly were the Female Classes. For the Heifers; Christine Kempter came 3rd, Leanna Mitchell 4th, and Thompson Mitchell 5th. In the Cow Calf Class; Spencer Pawloff came 1st, and Leanna Mitchell 2nd. The Overall Female Champion was Spencer Pawloff.

Congratulations to all the 4-H participants, this Fall Fair was very successful, and a great way to represent the club!.



Provincial Winter Fair

Winter Fair was from September 26 to 30. Most of the 4-H Members camped at the fair.

The Showmanship results for sheep were as follows:

Senior Showmanship classes; Nicole Huber came 4th. In the Intermediate Class 1; Hannah Feller came 3rd. In Class 2; Madison Kerslake came 3rd, and in Class 3 Sheldon Van Sickle came 2nd, Tyler Schilling came 4th, and Katherine Pelayo came in 5th place. In the Championship class for Juniors;  Hannah Feller was the Reserve Grand Champion, Madison Kerslake 5th, and Sheldon Van Sickle 6th.

The Junior 4-H members did awesome as well. In the first class Grace Kempter came 2nd, Helen Newton  4th, and Sami Jones 6th. In the second class Cam Kerslake came 2nd, Aaron Van Sickle 5th, and Tyson Schilling 7th. Class 3; Kash Segouin placed 4th, and Halle Smith 5th. In the final class Josh Tremblay came 4th. Junior Champion was Cam Kerslake placing 1st and Grace Kempter placing 6th.  The Overall Showman was Hannah Feller.   Way to go everyone!

In Weight Class, Class 1 was Katherine Pelayo 2nd, and Josh Tremblay 5th place. Class 2; Sheldon Van Sickle 4th, and Sami Jones 5th. Class 3; consisted of Kash Seqouin 4th, and Helen Newton 6th place. Class 4; was Hannah Feller 2nd, and Halle Smith 5th. Tyler Schilling came 2nd place in Class 5. In Class 6; Madison Kerslake 3rd, Tyson Schilling 4th, and Cam Kerslake 5th place. Class 7 had Sara Smith placing 2nd, Aaron Van Sickle 4th, and Nicole Huber 6th place. In Class 8 Grace Kempter came 6th. In the Yearling Ewe competition Grace Kempter took 3rd place. Congratulations to all the Weight Class participants!

Now for the beef side! For the Senior Showmanship classes Spencer Pawloff came 6th, and Quinn Brackman came 10th. The Intermediates did well too; Leanna Mitchell came 2nd, Dustin Pawloff 3rd, Christine Kempter 7th, and Lauren Tremblay 9th. For the Juniors Thompson Mitchell came 4th.

Next was the Heifer Classes. In Class 16  Leanna Mitchell came 1st, and Thompson Mitchell took 3rd. In Class 17 Christine Kempter came 4th. Reserve Champion 4-H Heifer was Leanna Mitchell. The best pair of Heifers was Leanna Mitchell. The Cow /Calf Class 18,  1st place was Spencer Pawloff, and 2nd place Leanna Mitchell. The Overall Female Champion was Spencer Pawloff. Best 4-H Commercial Female was Spencer Pawloff. Supreme Female Champion was Spencer Pawloff. Congratulations everyone!

Weight Classes: Class 27 – Hannah feller came 2nd. Class 28 –  Saul Lingren 1st, and Hanna Wadlegger 5th place. Class 29 – Tristan Brackman 5th. Class 30 – Jonathan Fennell 4th, and Kyle Zurbrugg 5th. Class 31 – Linden Ross 2nd. Class 32 – Spencer Pawloff 1st.  Class 33 – Christine Kempter 2nd, and Lauren Tremblay 4th place. Class 34 – Leanna Mitchell 2nd, Dustin Pawloff 3rd, and Quinn Brackman 5th.

Group classes have animals that look similar or alike. The Yellowhead 4-H Beef Club had a group of two, three, and five in this class. In group two Spencer and Dustin Pawloff came 1st place. Lauren Tremblay, Linden Ross, and Johnathon Fennell came 2nd. And finally, the group of five class with Spencer Pawloff, Dustin Pawloff, Lauren Tremblay, Christine Kempter, and Quinn Brackman took 2nd place.

The banquet was a lot of fun as well;  the food was very yummy,  and the dance was late and loud, but altogether a great night!.

The sale was very prepared, the animals sold for good prices. There were a few tears amongst 4-H members, but that’s all part of the experience.


This years PWF was great!



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