A poignant goodbye to a forever friend

Barriere 12-year-old says goodbye to her forever canine friend, Ceaser

Ceaser June 2001 – July 2012

Ceaser June 2001 – July 2012


June 2001 – July 2012

Roses are red and the big sky is blue; why did you have to leave me Ceaser I already miss you.  I cry every night thinking, what could I have done.  But it doesn’t matter anymore because now you are gone.  I’m sad that you have left.  I’m happy you are out of pain although I should say I feel some of the blame.  If there is something I could have done, but all I can think of is all of our fun.  You’re always in my heart even now that were apart.  You’re not just some dog you were family and you were my best friend.  I will always respect all the times when someone was over and you would protect me and made me feel like nothing could ever hurt me.   I just wish that I had a chance to say goodbye.  The only thing I hate about goodbyes is that sometimes they mean forever.  I knew it would be your time soon, just not this soon.  At least you can catch up with some of your friends like Sneshka or Charlie, or even some of our hens.  So for now this is goodbye, but sometimes goodbyes aren’t forever.  I love you forever and always, and I will never forget you.  I will remember as if it was yesterday when you were healthy and young.

Love Sammy Williams

July 30, 2012

* Editor’s note: Barriere youth Sammy Williams just turned 12 in June, and she will be going into grade 7 in September.