Argentina to Alaska

Lucas Cardenas and Florencia Bratovich are on their way to Alaska via Argentina in a 1989 Cadillac limousine

By  Gaven Crites

Black Press

Lucas Cardenas and Florencia Bratovich are on their way to Alaska via Argentina in a 1989 Cadillac limousine and stopped in 100 Mile House on June 3.— Image Credit: Gaven Crites Photo

Two years and three months, some 30,000 miles through 17 countries, and Lucas Cardenas and Florencia Bratovich have almost made it.

The Argentinean couple are on their way to Alaska in a 1989 Cadillac limousine. They passed through the South Cariboo recently and visited 100 Mile House on June 3.

When asked about their journey, Cardenas talks about meeting new people, seeing new places, trying new meals and having adventures everyday.

“Life should be like that. In the beginning, we left everything behind – our family, our friends, our house.

“It was not easy. But, I think this is the best choice we’ve ever made in our entire lives.”

To finance their transcontinental road trip from South America to North America’s northwest extreme – a world-record-setting trip in a limousine – the couple is selling photos and a book they wrote, América Sin Limites (or “America without limits”).

The inside of the limo has been converted into a living space with a bed and small kitchen. Bratovich and Cardenas are travelling without watches and cell phones. They sleep when they’re tired, eat when they’re hungry, and basically just “go with the flow.”

Cardenas says the question they’re asked the most about life on the road is “a sad question.”

We’ve spent 835 days travelling in the most amazing places you can imagine, meeting so many people, having friends everyday. And the first question of the media all the time is the same: ‘What was your worst day?’”

“I think it’s a little bit sad. Sorry, but we’ve never had any major problems.”

The trip together is like living a dream, Cardenas explains.

“If you can go for your dreams with your lovely person, that’s the best. You cannot ask for more in this life.”

The couple had been in British Columbia for one month when they stopped in 100 Mile House and Cardenas says their time in the province has been amazing.

“It’s so beautiful. The people are some of the best people [we’ve met] in our travels. We’re glad to be here and very grateful.”

From 100 Mile House, the couple planned on visiting Prince George and then mentioned Dawson Creek, where the Alaska Highway begins.

“We are feeling like we’re so close right now,” says Cardenas.

“We spent so much time thinking about going to Alaska. We have to start thinking about how we’re going to come back to Argentina.

“We haven’t thought about that,” he adds with a laugh. “We’ll see what happens.”

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