Aspiring authors welcomed by local Writers Group

The simple definition of an “author” is “a person who has written something

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the simple definition of an “author” is “a person who has written something”.

It is good to note that it doesn’t specify that one has to have written a novel, just “something”.  It also doesn’t specify that one has to have been published.

This means that anyone who has ever written anything can be considered an author.  How nice, and how encouraging for those of us who dearly would like to become known as a writer in whatever format gets us excited.

If you’ve written a four page letter to a friend; a poem for your sweetheart; or that recent letter to the editor – then you are an author.  And if that letter to the editor was put into the newspaper – then you are a published writer (and good for you!).

Putting pen (or pencil) to paper can sometimes be daunting and every little bit of encouragement we can get is always very welcome.  Are you dabbling in writing?  Come out to the next Barriere Writer’s Group meeting, Friday, Jan. 22, 2 p.m. at the Barriere Library, where local writers get together to encourage each other and help each other when we get struck by writer’s block.

For more information, contact Margaret Houben at 250-672-9330 or via email:  All writers of any experience level are welcome.