Barriere Writer’s Group contest submissions: part 2

The Barriere Writer’s Group writing contest winners announced in our July 7, 2016

This poem is; Untitled by Kaylee E. M. Nelson It is a “concrete” poem... one in which the words are placed so that they form a visual picture. - in this particular case

This poem is; Untitled by Kaylee E. M. Nelson It is a “concrete” poem... one in which the words are placed so that they form a visual picture. - in this particular case

The Barriere Writer’s Group writing contest winners were announced in our July 7, 2016, issue, with a number of the winning entries printed as well.  There were three categories – poetry, fiction, and non-fiction.  The theme – North Thompson Fall Fair and Rodeo, scarecrows, and heavy horses. Here are the balance of the winner’s submissions, along with other entries received into the competition.  Congratulations to all of the entrants for your creativity and submissions into this contest – and don’t stop writing!


by Tessa Salle (age 6)

First Place fiction entry

Every year Sally looked forward to going to the North Thompson Fall Fair and Rodeo with her grandparents.

When the day came Sally was so excited she put on her favorite jeans and her shirt that said North Thompson Fall Fair on it.  Then her grandparents came to pick her up and they went to the fair.

They started the day by watching the parade and Sally collected lots of candy.  After the parade Sally went to the exhibit hall to see the creations.  Sally put in a stick house.  She won second place.  She was proud of herself.

After Sally looked at the creations she went to ride on the train.  At first she was scared, but then she felt better about it and when the train stopped, Sally jumped off and ran to her grandparents.

After she went on the train, she was feeling hungry so she went to get a hotdog and when Sally was done she said to her grandparents “Can we go get some dessert?” And they said “yes.”  So we went to get some mini doughnuts.

We went to watch the rodeo and Sally really liked the bull riding but she liked the chariot races the best.  They really enjoyed watching the rodeo and eating their doughnuts.

Then she asked her grandparents if they could go see the sheep and when they were at the sheep, Sally asked if she could brush the sheep and they said “yes!”  Sally really like the black and white one so that’s the one Sally brushed.  She had a lot of fun at the sheep.  There were lots of sheep but it was time to go do something else.

After Sally went to the sheep she went to play on the bouncy castle.  She raced her friend Tessa down the slide.  They had lots of fun.  After their last race Sally went to visit the bunny house.  She looked at all the bunnies but she liked the black and brown one named Nibbles the most.  She wished she had a pet bunny.

Sally was so tired after her busy day.  Her and her grandparents headed home and Sally slept the whole drive back.  She dreamed of what it would be like the next year at the Fall Fair and Rodeo.



by Jeremy Salle (age 8)

First Place non-fiction entry

On Labor Day weekend me and my family went to the North Thompson Fall Fair and Rodeo here in Barriere.  We had a lot of fun.

Walking in I was surprised to see all the excitement.  First, we went to the mini donut stand.  Secondly, we found a seat in the rodeo stands and enjoyed the mini donuts as we watched the rodeo.  My favorite events were bull riding and chariot racing.

Thirdly, we got tickets to play the games.  The maze was fun and so was the game that you have a net and you try to catch a green ball to win a prize.  I won an elastic chicken that I had fun sling shoting around the fair grounds.

After that we decided to visit the exhibit hall. I had entered my sand dollar collection that I found on Vancouver Island and I got third.  I was proud of myself.

After that we went to see the animals.  We saw sheep, rabbits, cows, pigs, and goats.  The rabbits were super fluffy and we were even able to brush and pet them.  Some of them had really big ears.  It was really hot and was I ever glad I didn’t have fur like those animals.

Me and my brother went to get some crushed ice to cool us down.  We went and found our parents and they took us to eat at the concession.  I got a hot dog and French fries and ate them quickly so I’d have more time to play.

After we ate we went and met up with my cousin Jake.  We went back to the games and went on the climbing wall and back into the maze it was even more fun than before.  I had a blast at the north Thompson fall fair and rodeo and can’t wait to go back again this year.


Here are the submissions into the poetry category of the writing contest.  These entries were all submitted by students from Ms Katja Hundt’s classes at Barriere Secondary School.

One is a haiku, a Japanese form of poetry, that is based on a specific syllable count.  Haiku’s have three lines, the first line has five syllables, the second line has seven, and the third line has five.


by Chris Buholzer

Scarecrows wear a hat.

Scarecrows scare away black crows.

Scarecrows have no hands.


Then there are three free-form poems:


by Dakota Patelas

The North Thompson, a beaut.

The colours so cute.

Cheers in the air,

Celebrate the Fall fair!

The town’s active and bustling,

The leaves are all rustling.

The gates are open, music plays loud.

Please do enjoy, please do join the crowd!

Now, have a nice day, make this town proud!



by Lauren Tremblay

I’m standing in a field

with nothing but some corn

waiting for a crow to treat me with scorn.

It’s not my favourite job

standing all alone

a scarecrows job is hard

I’d rather guard a yard.

I know time will tell

and if not I’ll have to yell

but I know it will be fine

because I’m not Frankenstein.


North Thompson Fall Fair and Rodeo

by Madison Kerslake

The sweet smell of competition, the sound of trotting horses in the arena, and the taste of refreshing lemonade.

The North Thompson fall fair and rodeo has finally arrived.


Please see the “concrete” poem in the photo above for the third free-form poem entry.


All of these poetry entries also came from students from Ms Katja Hundt’s classes at Barriere Secondary.  Four were acrostics.

An acrostic is a poem in which each line starts with a letter of a key word – in this case the word is “Scarecrow(s)”.  For acrostics – rhythm, syllable count, and rhyme are all at the writers’ discretion.


by Chant Copley

Stuffed with straw

caring for the crops

always on duty

regardless rain or shine

excellent at his job

crows is what he fends off

resistant to the elements

on time he always is

waiting for the enemy



by Darrell Jules

S – traw stuffed

C – orn is what he protects

A – nnihilates the prey with his tallness

R – ickety, weak at the knees from always on guard

E – nlighten, broader in the mind and know what to do

C – ockeyed, has a cockeyed look in his eyes

R – esistant to all weather

O – n time. Always

W – ild when the wind comes and blows his body carelessly



by Tyler Schilling

Seasonal, the farmer brings it out when it is needed

Corn, is one of the many crops it protects

Agriculture, is what you will find at the North Thompson Fall Fair

Real, is what the crow’s will think

Endless, is how long the scarecrow stands out there to protect the crops

Crows, is what they scare away

Ridiculous is what people might think he looks

Ontime, is what he is always

Weather, no weather is too bad for the scarecrow to stand

Stuffed, with straw


North Thompson Fall Fair

by Sheldon Vansickle

Seasonal farming brings out my charming self, Joe the scarecrow.

Cultural foods are guarded by me.

Agriculture is my passion my one and only

Roping is my number one favourite event of the North Thompson Fall Fair

Entrance volunteers greet all will precious cheers.

Canada’s last BCRA Rodeo of the season is on this labour day weekend.  Cowboys and cowgirls put it all out on the line hoping to land at the top.

Ravens are my largest enemy, no matter how real I look they still try to steal.

Open fields must be under my guard at all times

Well trained crops will be entered in the top crop competition.

Scarecrow will be waiting for you to come vist at the Fair this labour day weekend.

*Editor’s note;  some spelling and punctuation corrections have been made in these submissions .