Birthdays: the only option

Seniors at Large

I celebrated another darned birthday in April and it was so-ooo meaningful, like let the bells ring out!  I used to think of birthdays as something to look forward to, like birthday cake and gifts.  But now that old age has descended upon me most ungracefully, I think the fact that the date rolls around every year whether you like it or not is for the birds –  and even they don’t want it.  On the other hand, if that date don’t roll around every year, the circumstances are really not to my liking either.

Two days of sunshine in a row – I think it’s time to do some serious gardening.  I do have some healthy looking pea plants up and growing.

A granddaughter and I had a bake day in my hacienda last week and made a big pan of lemon squares and one of fudge brownies; we had a lot of fun in the process.  I wonder why my clothes are fitting more than a little tight this week.

Friend Kiki has a wicked little grin on her face at times.  She knows she’s winning that particular game of crib and she wins often.  I’m highly suspicious – I think she stacks the deck!

Four tables at Whist, Monday night and winners were Ernie Yunger 214, Karen Morgan 211.  Other good scores were: Bill Fleming 208, Donna Smith 201, and Carol Jones 200.

The following are the results of the Whist playdowns: Gordon and Marylynn Crichton (A Flight); Rob and Susan (B Flight); Eva and Carol (C Flight); Bob and Maureen Corbeth (D Flight); Bill and Olga Palmer (E Flight); Gordon and Monica Ireland (F Flight).  Good luck at the Senior Games in the Kootenays.