Book Review: My life with a cop – how to survive the ride

Book Review: My life with a cop – how to survive the ride

North Thompson Star/Journal

Ruth Verbree is an award winning author and is an aspiring business woman who says she is seeking to help spouses of first responders by sharing her own real life examples of overcoming challenges and celebrating victories. Her desire is to help spouses of first responders by empowering them through her experiences and depth of knowledge.

The author currently lives in Kamloops, with her retired husband, ex-RCMP officer Robert, and lives close to their children and grandchildren. The couple are currently running a small coffee shop, Frankly Coffee And Bistro, in downtown Kamloops, where they hope their day to day lives are affecting the lives of their customers in a positive way. Ruth and her husband have hopes and dreams of helping their community in much more substantial ways and, therefore, are seeking to build and transform their online business to help reach this goal.

With this book, Ruth has shared her years of experience and her journey “through the ride of her life” with a cop or a first responder. Her book reveals the struggles that come with being a spouse of a first responder. Ruth tackles huge issues like PTSD and stress related work injuries by showcasing her real life examples of how she became victorious over these difficult situations.

“This book is a must read for every First Responder and his/her partner. Ruth Verbree’s perspective on life with a cop will give you insight and practical advice for surviving the ups and downs of a First Responder’s life. Whether you are in a new relationship or have been together forever, this book will be life changing,” says a testimonial about Ruth’s book from best selling author Adam Markel.

Ruth says there is a genuine need for support for people going through the rough times of PTSD or operational stress injury with their partners.

Ruth says she and her husband, have survived this ride together, difficult as it was. They endeavor to reach out to others and in some way be able to help them move forward through personal stressful times.

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