Bullseye! I’m now officially a wildlife photographer

What's new in McLure and Louis Creek: Bullseye! I’m now officially a wildlife photographer

Beautiful rainbow touching down near Riverbend Ranch.

Beautiful rainbow touching down near Riverbend Ranch.

While driving from McLure to Barriere, I noticed a raven arguing with an eagle perched on a tree just before the hill down into Barriere.

In the hopes that the raven would keep the eagle busy while I got close enough I hit my brakes, (narrowly avoiding a rear-ender on the highway. I’ve heard that it’s dangerous being a wildlife photographer).

The raven was long gone by the time I started snapping, but joy of joys, I guess a family member was hanging around and swooped in right at the end of our photo session. I got two photos.

A couple of days before this, I happened upon a rainbow just touching down on the North Thompson River at Riverbend Ranch. A rainbow, I know, is not usually considered wildlife but since they can’t be tamed or trained I think we can consider it just for this article.

So far it’s been an interesting non-golden-days month. I’m almost positive we’re going straight from green to white this year. I could be wrong on the white part too, it could just keep right on raining and raining.

Carls Market Garden and Fruit Stand will be closing their doors between Halloween and Thanksgiving, and there is a community meeting on the first Wednesday in Oct. at 7:30 p.m. in the McLure Fire Hall.

With the help of our local historian and Facebook I have managed to locate the actual site of the Louis Creek Cemetery. It is behind the eco-depot, approximately 100 yards southeast of the memorial.

Nope you can’t see that tremendous view from it, the eco-depot is in the way.

Since you can’t access either the memorial or the cemetery without going through the eco-depot, climbing through the fence or walking all the way around … I don’t believe that we will ever get to enjoy the view that our pioneers overcame so many hardships and obstacles for and that overlooks their life’s work and where they planed to have their final rest.

I’m in complete agreement with Carson Stone that there needs to be a further tribute to our pioneers and hopefully that view is included.

Unhappily, I’m not clear on how that could be accomplished.

Perhaps if we could move the memorial across the road, so it’s in front of the eco-depot but at an angle so we could still see where the cemetery was…the access issue would be solved, we would have the view and all we would have to do is to somehow mark where the cemetery was. (Just a thought.)

So for now that’s all from McLure, Louis Creek and Vensulla. My email is bergeylorna@gmail.com.