Canada’s 150th birthday is filled with possibilities

Have you made any plans to celebrate this great event?

This year, on July 1st, Canada will be celebrating 150 years as a country.

Have you thought about this at all?

Have you made any plans to celebrate this great event?

What does being a Canadian mean to you?

My parents emigrated to Canada from Europe in 1952, when my eldest brother was about three months old.  All the rest of us kids were born here.  Sometimes I think we (myself included) take being Canadian for granted.

We live in a country with the longest undefended boarder in the world.

One of the largest countries in the world, we have a huge amount of space available for us to expand.  We’re in the top five for most arable land (1.32 hectares/person).

Canada is one of the top five countries with the most renewable supply of freshwater in the world.

In 2012, we were in the top five for the most peaceful countries. (The Global Peace Index measures what cultural attributes and institutions are associated with states of peace. It ranks 158 countries by their relative states of peace using 23 indicators.)

Yes, of course, we have problems, but when you compare us and how we live to any other country in the world – we have it pretty good here in Canada.  I intend to celebrate Canada’s 150th Anniversary in some way, and I have six months to figure out how.

Mind you, I think some of us Canadians will be celebrating throughout the entire year of 2017!

Do you know about all the things that are in the works to celebrate Canada’s 150th Anniversary?  There are several places online that you can visit to get an idea, like – this site lists all sorts of things.

For instance, Canada Post has been printing special stamps the last few years. Do you collect stamps?  Have you been collecting these?

Also, the B.C. Lieutenant Governor, Judith Guichon, launched a song contest a while ago (go to: for more info about this).  It will be interesting to hear some of the songs.

Another site is – which is the official government of Canada site for this event.

The North Thompson Fall Fair and Rodeo Association will be having a Celebrate Heritage Day For Canada’s Birthday at the Fairgrounds on Saturday, July 1.  This will also include a Regional Logging Competition called Bull In The Woods presented by The Laughing Loggers who performed at the 2016 North Thompson Fall Fair and Rodeo in September.  There will be no admission charged for the event and local groups and organizations are encouraged to contact the organizers if you would like to set up a booth or display as there will be no fee charged for promotional booth space.

What are you planning to do to celebrate Canada’s 150th?