Canadians, it’s time to celebrate

Join your fellow country men and women and celebrate our national identity, accomplishments and heritage

The festivities are gearing up and you can feel the excitement in the air. Everywhere you turn there’s music and laughter.

So join your fellow country men and women and celebrate our national identity, accomplishments and heritage. July 1 is our day!

We have many reasons to display our pride and joy in being citizens of a country that is renowned throughout the world for its exceptional openness and high quality of life.

Celebrations in capital cities and local neighbourhoods such as Barriere will be setting the stage for a special day in which Canadians from coast to coast will sing, dance and laugh.

Concerts, parades, fireworks, sporting events, rallies and all sorts of activities will enchant Canadians young and old alike. No matter where you live, chances are you’ll be able to partake in the festivities in some way.

Feel free to bring the celebration right to your home—inviting friends and family members over for your own special homemade event is another wonderful way of marking Canada Day.

There’s nothing like thinking about our national colours and sense of belonging to boost our sentiments of Canadian pride. When you see Canadian flags and red and white balloons on every street corner, it’s hard not to feel proud to be Canadian.

Really want to get in the celebratory mood? Decorate your clothes and face in red and white and hit your local Canada Day public celebration!

Post some colourful selfies on Facbeook or other social media sites showing how you celebtrate your countries 149th birthday.

Listen to Canadian-made music and enjoy a traditional Canadian meal.

Celebrating Canada can be done through our eyes, ears and mouth. And don’t forget to get in a bit of dancing, too!

Happy Canada Day, everyone!