Children or pets left in vehicles can be disastrous

Your car is basically a miniature greenhouse and temperatures can skyrocket extremely quickly inside

RCMP say the recent heat wave has spiked complaints about dogs in cars.

But, more disturbing have been the reports of small children left in vehicles.

Police often field complaints about dogs left in cars on scorching hot days. Unfortunately, they also receive reports and responded to situations where a child has been left inside the sweltering heat of a vehicle.

Your car is basically a miniature greenhouse and temperatures can skyrocket extremely quickly inside.

Animals and small children don’t always have the ability to escape the vehicle or cope with the heat for long, so no amount of time left in a vehicle is appropriate. It is never okay to leave kids or pets in a car, even with the windows down.

Plan your trip accordingly and, if you need to make a “quick stop” then, for the health and safety of your child, take your child with you even if it means getting them out of their car seat.

Heat stroke may occur very quickly and unexpectedly in children and pets causing symptoms such as dizziness, disorientation, agitation, confusion, sluggishness, seizure, loss of consciousness, and/or death.

The RCMP have a duty to report incidents involving children to the Ministry of Children and Family Development. Even if the child is unharmed, the person responsible could face criminal charges.

If you see a child or a pet left inside a vehicle, please call 911 immediately.

Article compliments of Kelowna RCMP.