Christmas Stories

Annual Star/Journal Christmas Story Contest swamped with dozens of wonderful stories and poems

The annual Star/Journal Christmas Story Contest was a little slow to get started, but in the past few days we have been swamped with dozens of wonderful stories and poems from area youngsters.  Due to this fact, our judges have not had sufficient time yet to name their winners, so we are publishing the stories first for the enjoyment of our readers, and the winners will be named after Christmas.  We thank all of the children who took the time to enter and share with our readers their creative works, and we thank the teachers and parents who encouraged them to do so. Please note that all the stories will appear in no specific order in this issue and will be continued in our issue of Dec. 26, 2013. Enjoy!


Reindeer Jack Gets Lost

By Reegan Willms

Grade 1

It was Christmas Eve. Santa and the reindeer were on their way to deliver presents. The reindeer bumped into each other and made the sleigh crash. Jack saw a polar bear, a seal and a penguin. He went to  go say hi and play with them.

The sleigh left without him. Jack was worried. He was worried about his babies. He had to get home.

His new friends promised to help him. Penguin had a map. They followed it to the North Pole.

Jack’s babies were happy to see him because they were worried about him. His new friends returned to Penguin Island and Jack misses them.


Santa Meets a Dairy Farmer

By Austin Davis

Grade 1

Santa has just thrown a present down the chimney of Farmer Hingles when the sleigh began to make funny noises. The sleigh dropped to the ground. Santa found himself surrounded by cows in a pen.

“Is everyone okay?” Santa said.

“Yes but we are hungry and thirsty.”

Santa tried to find the dairy farmer to ask for help. When he found him he said, “I need help fixing my engine.”

Farmer Hingles gave the reindeer food and milk. He and Santa fixed the sleigh and then they had tea. Santa was able to finish delivering the presents and was happy that he had made a new friend.


The Little Grumpy Elf And Santa

By Cohen Hunt

Grade 2

The little grumpy elf got left in Barriere. The little elf saw a school. Little Elf saw small kids on the playground. Elf wanted to play too. He played with toys and had fun with the toys. After he played he had lunch and went home.

The little elf worked and worked. He saw this house with Santa’s reindeer on it. “It’s Santa, he’s back!”

We said, “Let’s have a parade. I can’t believe it…it’s Christmas.


Stuck In The Shop

By Cole Harris

Grade 2

Once upon a time there was an elf named Clide who was working on his work. Then Pepper came to see what he was doing. Clide was Pepper’s uncle. When Pepper came in she pressed a button. It locked the shop.

Clide had a pet polar bear. The polar bear was scared.

Pepper thought that they could call Santa. Santa came. Clide asked if he could see how to climb up the chimney. Santa said, “Ho ho ho, yes.” He taught them how to. They escaped.


The Shining Snow

By Shandeen Docherty

Grade 2

Once upon a time there was a dog, a cat, an owl and a person. They were trying to find home. The group found a boat. They climbed in and set sail.

It was just in time because a polar bear had come looking for his lunch. Too bad bear.

They find their way onto land. Before going too far from the water they found fish. The bear got a boat and got to land too. The animals defeated the bear.


The Little Elf

By Emily Rainer

Grade 1

Little Reindeer got lost in the dark forest. He wanted his mom. He was in trouble and had to go to his big, dark, scary room in the forest. He was hungry because the sack of food he was carrying had a hole in it. He cried and cried. He was wasn’t feeling well.

His mom came to see him. She loved him! He cried because he was so happy to see his mom. He loved his mom.


The Little Elf

By Debbie Hernandez

Grade 2

A little elf went for a ride and his tire popped. He stepped out of the car and he called, “Help!”

An elf helped him and he needed to take it to a shop and fix it. They were waiting for an hour, for two hours and Santa was waiting for him.

The car was done. The little elf went to the North Pole and Santa was happy when he got there.

He didn’t believe it. Santa was happy to see him.


The Elves That Make Toys

By Corey Bourque

Grade 1

Santa’s elves make toys at the North Pole. On Christmas Eve the elves wanted to play in the snow. When Santa wasn’t looking they went outside to play. Santa went looking for them and found them outside playing. He got mad because they didn’t ask. The elves got in big trouble. They had to go inside and make more toys.


Santa’s Stuck

By Chays York

Grade 1

Santa was not having a good night. He was stuck in a chimney. He was at the first house and he was worried he wouldn’t get all the presents delivered.

Then things got worse, he could hear kids’ feet coming down the stairs. “Hey look, it’s Santa! He’s stuck in our chimney!” said David.

Molly said, “Let’s grab a rope and pull him out!”

They wrapped the rope around his feet and pulled. Then Santa was able to deliver presents. The children got something special for helping Santa. Molly got a Barbie and David got a Lego Halo.


Christmas Is Jesus’s Birthday

By Isaac Mason

Grade 1

“Home, sweet home.” said Jesus. But, Jesus was on a sleigh with Santa. Santa was delivering presents.

“Okay.” said Jesus.

“You will be one of the elves.” said Santa.

“What!” said Jesus. “Some way I have to get out of here.” he thought.

Jesus had an idea, he said, “I’m gonna jump.”

“No,” said Santa, “let’s play Santamaze.”

Then Jesus played and won the game which only seems right on his birthday.


New Friends

By Haylie Giles

Grade 1

The bear was lonely. The snowshoe hare and the bear found each other and made a fort and heard Christmas stories. They were cold. They decided they should go to Santa’s workshop.

The friends found a sleigh and rode it to the workshop. Santa invited them to sit by the fire and have hot chocolate.


Wacky Wednesday

By Alexis Nelson

Grade 2

“Santa’s hat is on the wall.” said Dick.

He looked out the window and there were bananas in the apple tree and a worm chasing a bird. Then he walked down the hallway and saw five things!

One picture was upside down, it was my uncle. Under my desk there was a candy cane. Dick walked into the bathroom to have a shower. There was a palm tree in the toilet.

He went outside and saw Santa looking for his hat and he yelled, “Santa, Santa! I found your hat.”

Santa and his reindeer flew down from the sky to get his hat back.


Santa Loves Christmas

By Chloe Smith

Grade 1

Santa was getting ready for Christmas. When they were all ready to go Santa wanted to do something special with Mrs. Claus. They decided to go see the Northern Lights. “Northern Lights and Merry Christmas!” said Santa.

The Northern Lights were so beautiful! Santa fainted in front of Mrs. Claus. His wife blew a whistle to call the elves for help.

They put Santa on a sled and pulled him home. They gave him lemon and hot water and honey. Santa had a little snooze and felt good enough to go and deliver presents.


Glowing Red Eyes

By Dontay Parish

Grade 2

One day there was a little elf who was scared. He thought there was a monster under his bed. He looked under the bed and saw glowing red eyes. The little elf yelled, “Mom!”

He ran down the stairs screaming, “Eeeeeee!!”

His mom went looking for him and found him hidden in the coat closet.

He said, “There are glowing red eyes under my bed!”

She went and looked and pulled out the little elf’s fire truck with flashing red sirens.



By Kaine Hay

Grade 2

Elf, Buzz, Dontay, Fly Guy and Kaine were at the beach playing volleyball. The volleyball accidentally got bumped into the sea. Buzz swam to get it. He looked like he was having fun so the others joined him.

Fly Guy was swimming deep in the water when he got trapped in a shell by an octopus. Inside the giant clam he found a treasure chest.

His friends rescued him. They brought the treasure chest to Alberta because there are poor people there. The friends used the treasure to make gifts for others.


The Unusual Present

By Anthony Genier

Grade 2

Buzz was at the park. Suddenly, Buzz heard a strange noise. He went to go and check it out and make sure nobody was hurt. Buzz ran to go and check it out but he didn’t know where it was but eventually he would find it.

When he found it he saw a reindeer and he saw a sleigh. The reindeer was crying because he was lost. Buzz found a map in the sleigh. The little reindeer hadn’t learned to read yet so Buzz jumped in the sleigh to go to the North Pole.

The reindeer wasn’t supposed to have the sleigh out. He didn’t want to get into trouble. Buzz and the reindeer got the sleigh back and snuck it into the garage. Buzz hid himself in a present to himself and was delivered home.


The Christmas Express

By Cody Williams

Grade 1

Once upon a time there were three elves who pushed Santa around. He intends to find a plan. Santa plans to find new elves.

So that is what he is going to do. Santa continues on.

He finds an ad on TV that shows him where to find nicer elves at the South Pole.

Santa goes to the South Pole and gets 100 new elves. He brings them back to the North Pole. Santa kicks the bossy elves out.

He and the new elves make toys happily ever after.


Saving Christmas

By Chase Walker

Grade 1

It was a peaceful and quiet day at the North Pole. Santa was having hot cocoa.

The day before Christmas there was an avalanche at the North Pole. It covered Santa’s house in snow. Santa was stuck inside his house and couldn’t get out to deliver presents.

A reindeer said, “The sled can’t work.”

The elves had an idea. The elves dug out Santa’s house. Santa delivered all of the presents.


A Crash For Christmas

By Jaida Giles

Grade 1

At Santa’s first house he went down the chimney and something surprising happened. Someone was knocking on the door. Santa answered the door and it was just the reindeer. The reindeer were just stomping on the roof.

Anyway Santa was done delivering the presents at this house and was going to his next house. He went on his sleigh and he flew and he crashed on a farm.

The farmer got out of his house and Santa said, “Sorry.”

The farmer said, “It’s okay. We need to get your sleigh fixed and I will fix your presents.

When the farmer was done fixing the presents he helped Santa. Santa was able to deliver his presents.


The Christmas Ghost

By Thomas Tremblay

Grade 2

Once upon a time there was a Christmas ghost.

Mrs. McGravey and Thomas were cleaning the classroom. The Christmas ghost went into the classroom to see what was happening. When he did that a whole bunch of stuff fell on him.

This scared Mrs. McGravey and Thomas.

The Christmas ghost said, “Don’t be scared I’m a nice ghost. I will help you clean the classroom.”

So the three of them worked together and the classroom was all clean.


The Magic Ice Skates

By Andrew Harris, grade 3, Miss Dunston

Once upon a time there was a boy named Owen.  He really wanted a pair of rocket ice skates.  He went to the store to get a pair with his dad and brother Nate.  But Nate was obsessed with hockey and Nate wanted all the gear.  When Owen saw the skates his dad said no.

Then Owen saw a strange old man.  The strange old man gave Owen a pair of ice skates and whispered they’re magic.  Then Owen went home, he hid them under his bed.

Then his mom asked him if he wanted to go skating, but Owen said he had lost his skates.  Then Owen’s dog got the skates from under the bed.  Then Owen had to go skating.

At the ice rink Owen kept on falling down.  A girl offered Owen a chair but Owen said no.

Then Owen said, “I wish I was good at skating”.  Then Owen was good at skating!

The end.


The Christmas Invasion of Bald Guy

By Andrew Harris

Once upon a time Santa and his elves, Sawyer, Quinn and his Sergeant elf Jojo went to the workshop to make more toys, but when they got there they found a nasty surprise! Santa and his elves saw there were no presents!

Then they saw a strange man in a purple suit with a ‘b’ on it. The man said his name was Bald Guy and that he stole the presents.

“Mwa ha ha ah!” said Bald Guy.

Then Santa got angry. The Bald Guys minions took the toy maker!

Then Santa got an idea! So Santa asked Clause to make him a suit for the elves and to make him a suit from the minions.

When Santa and the elves got their suits, they put them on and headed for Bald Guy manor.

When Santa, Sawyer, Quinn and Jojo reached Bald

Guy manor it was at least 30 feet tall! When Santa, Sawyer, Quinn and Jojo reached the top of Bald Guy manor they were exhausted, then they found some milk and cookies!

“Yum, Yum!” said Santa, as he gobbled up the cookies.

After Santa was done his share of cookies, he gave three cookies to Sawyer, Quinn and Jojo. When the crew was done their snacks, they spoiled Bald Guys plans and put Bald Guy in jail.

After Santa, Sawyer, Quinn and Jojo got home, they all lived happily ever after!


James gives a present

By Ashley Docherty

It was four days till Christmas and James Haring was the only one in his family who has not bought a present for his little sister Mary Ann.  He was worried that he wouldn’t be able to get a present in time, so that afternoon he went to his mom and asked, “Mom, do you know what Mary Ann likes?”

“She likes frogs” said James and Mary Ann’s mother, and then James turned around and went upstairs to his room.

The next morning at breakfast time he went to his dad and asked, “Dad, do you know what Mary Ann likes?”

And so his dad thought for a while, “well she likes pickles, that’s for sure.”

Then James went and got his coat on and he and his sister went to school.  When they arrived at the elementary school, Mary Ann went and played on the swings, but for James it was too cold out so he went in the school to go read in his class, but when he got in the school he saw Mary Ann’s best friend Francine Storm.

He went up to her and asked, “Francine, do you know what Mary Ann likes?”

She looked at him with a smile and said “of course I do, she likes the colour pink”, then she turned around and headed into her classroom.

After school James asked his mother if they could go to the store because he was sure he knew what his sister wanted now and also it was Christmas eve tomorrow.  They went shopping and James got everything he needed for the present, he got the wrapping for the present and even a candy cane for himself, now he was ready for tomorrow.

It’s Christmas eve and everyone put their gifts that they bought under the tree.

“James, Mary Ann it’s time to go to bed, Santa’s coming” said James and Mary Ann’s mother, so they went off to bed and in their sleep they dreamt about the beautiful day they would have tomorrow.

The next morning everyone woke up bright and early because they knew it was Christmas day and that had delivered presents while they dreamt of carols and presents and delicious appetizing treats.

Down the stairs ran Mary Ann and James both with joyful merry faces staring at the presents everyone was so excited to see what they got.

After they opened all the presents Santa gave them, it was time to exchange presents.

Mary Ann gave the one she bought James first, it was a fuzzy red wool sweater.  Then James gave Mary Ann her present, he was so excited to hear what she was going to say about it when she opened it,

It was a frog and a jar of pickles with a pink ribbon on top.

For a while Mary Ann just sat there with a sad face, then she started to cry.  James thought he got the worst present in the world and also that he made it the worst Christmas Mary Ann will have in her whole life.  But when James was just about to leave the room, Mary Ann jumped up and gave him a big hug, he didn’t know what was happening.

“I thought that you were crying because this is the worst Christmas gift you have ever had” said James.

But Mary Ann said “No I’m crying because you got everything I like”.

Then she smiled and they sang Christmas carols and ate their Christmas feast, this was definitely the best Christmas gift ever.


My New Skates

By Bobby-Raye Farrow

Grade 2, Mrs Peterson’s class

We went to bed on Christmas Eve.  Then we woke up.  We heard a jingle and we went to the window.  We saw Saint Nick flying by with a big bag of presents.  He came down the chimney.  We ran back to our beds.  We were so scared we would have nothing but coal.

The next morning all we had was… toys!

We waited until our family came in the door.  We ripped open our presents it was the best Christmas ever.

I got a pair of skates.  I ran out the door.  I put them on and jumped on the ice.  Then to my surprise, I started to fly, in the sky.  It was very scary at first, but then it began to be fun.  After a while I wanted to go home.  I was getting cold, my mom and dad were worried.  I could hear them calling me, “Bobbie-Raye, Bobby-Raye”.  The only thing was that I could not get down.  So I took off my skates, I fell to the ground.

I was O.K.


The Candy Bandit

By Brayden York

It was morning and Jojo got out of bed and he went to the tree and there was no present, just a note.  Jojo picked up the note and it said “I took  your present.  From the Candy Bandit”.

Jojo was not happy, but he saw foot prints, so Jojo followed the foot prints and it led him to a brick wall and a door opened, and Jojo went in and he saw a bunch of presents on the ground.  He saw the candy bandit.

The candy bandit was tall, he was mean, he was not nice.  He had ripped clothes and Jojo said, “why are you taking all the presents?”

The candy bandit said, “I’m taking the presents to make Christmas go away.”

And Jojo said, “why don’t you like Christmas?”

The candy bandit said “I’m taking the presents so I can have all them to myself.”

And Jojo was not happy.  So he left and when it was night Jojo came back with the candy police and they got the candy bandit and put him in candy jail and Jojo got all the presents and Jojo gave all the presents back and the candy bandit was never heard from again.


Runner the Reindeer

By Brooke Hartman

This is my story of my favourite Christmas. It was too cold for me to go outside, so I guess I will just have to sit by the fire and write my letter to Santa.

Dear Santa,

How are you these days? And how are those elves of yours? Hopefully you’re not working them too hard. So to get on with this letter, I was wondering if you could get me my own baby reindeer for Christmas.

I want a baby because they are way cuter. I want him to be like Rudolph, but have a big bright blue nose and big sparkling green eyes. Also, I want him to be called Runner.

From Little Jimmy

“Mom, I am done my letter now, can I mail it now?”

“Sure honey, we can walk there right now,” my mom said.

On our way there we talked about what was in my letter, but I wouldn’t tell her, I said it was going to be a surprise, a big surprise. She kept asking, but I still refused to tell her.

When we got home, I went upstairs to start drawing a picture of what I was hoping Runner would look like. I drew a baby reindeer with big sparkling green eyes and a big bright blue nose. Perfect, I said, Now the finishing touch. A collar with the name Runner on it.

When I had finished drawing, I couldn’t stop thinking about how excited I would be when I got Runner on Christmas day, so I tried to stay awake, but I dozed off.

Three hours later, at 5:30 a.m., I was awakened by something that was licking my face. I opened my eyes and there it was, a baby reindeer with a big bright blue nose and big sparkling green eyes. Also, it had a tag around it that said ‘my name is Runner’.

“Runner! Mom, mom, mom come quick!”

“What honey, it’s 5:30 a.m., you shouldn’t be awake yet,” my mom told me.

“But mom, look, Santa got me just what I asked for.”

“A reindeer?” she said shockingly.

“Yes, a reindeer.”

“Oh, um, okay then.”

“Why are you so confused, you know me, of course I want a reindeer, who wouldn’t?”

“Um, me, I wouldn’t.”

“Why not?”

“I wouldn’t want a reindeer because having a reindeer is a lot of work.”

“Well, I believe in myself, I know I can do it.”

“Okay, good luck.”

After my conversation with my mom, Runner and I went upstairs. We made a red soft fluffy rectangle shaped bed for Runner, sewed a stuffed candy cane to help runner sleep, and drew pictures of Christmas stuff like stockings, families spending time together, and of course Santa.

After we were done, Runner really wanted to go outside, so we did.

Burr, it was cold out there. Runner really liked it out there, so we stayed out for quite a while. I was shivering but Runner was making snow angels. Runner forced me to do something instead of just standing there shivering. So we went tobogganing, skating and made some more snow angels.

But my favourite part was after when we went inside and drank hot chocolate.

“Have you changed your mind about Runner yet?” my mom asked.



“It’s not hard at all to take care of a reindeer.”


“Yes, really.”

“Well have you fed him yet?”

“Kind of, I gave him hot chocolate.”

“Is that it?”

“Um, wait, no, he ate some snow but that was it.”

“Okay, well just wait till it’s lunch time.”

“Why will lunch time be such a big deal?”

“What will he eat?”

“I don’t know, whatever you make, he’s not a fussy reindeer.”


Three years later….

My mom didn’t think I would be able to look after Runner this long, but I did. It was now 5:30 a.m., December 31st, exactly the day and time I received Runner, when Santa re-appeared.

“Little Jimmy, how are you?” Santa asked me.

“Good. How about you?”

“Back’s a little sore from carrying my sack full of toys, but other than that, good.”

“So what brings you here, Santa?”

“Well, I have seen little Runner has grown big and strong.:


“Well, I need him this Christmas to lead the sleigh.”

“What about Rudolph?”

“He is sick.”



“Will you return him after Christmas?”

“I will return him after Rudolph is feeling better.”

“Okay. See you in a couple weeks, Runner.”

And that was the story of my favourite Christmas. Hope you liked it.


My Christmas Story

By Bryce Welz

Once upon a time there was a little boy named Bob.  Now Bob wasn’t the normal average kid, Bob was an elf.  The kind of elf that made presents for all the little kids.  One day while Bob was at the toy factory…

“BOB! What do you think you are doing!” John elf said.

“I’m making a new invention so that the present wrapper could go faster.” Bob says.

“Well that is a great idea but it would be better if you were making presents!” John elf yells.

“Yes boss…” Bob says sadly.

As all the other elves get back to work, one of the elves realize that one of the elves are missing.  Who could it be? Ah Ha!  It’s Bob.

So where is Bob elf you may be wondering?  Well, why don’t we find out.

During lunch break Bob snuck out and went to John’s hut.  But why is he there in the first place?  Well, let’s find out why he is there.

As Bob is looking for an extra key to get into John’s hut, but he doesn’t realize that the door is unlocked.  So he goes to the door and tries it and as soon as he got into the house, everything shuts down.

All of a sudden Bob hears sirens outside.  He looks outside the window and sees the Chief of the E.P.D. “Elf Police Department”.  Bob goes and opens the door to let the Chief in but as soon as he got in he asked Bob if he could ask him a few questions.

Bob said “Sure you can.”

The first question that he asked was “Why did you sneak into Mr. Butter-Gingers hut?”  Chief asked.

“Well…” Bob pushed the Chief to the side and made a break for it.

As Bob is running away, the Chief calls in more recruits, they all come in full pursuit…

Meanwhile at the toy factory, Lexy elf is looking around the factory for Bob.  She is looking up, down, and even left and right.  While she is searching for Bob, all the other elves are making toys and electronics for all the kids on the nice list around the world.

Let’s go back to Bob and see how he is doing…

As Bob is running full speed to go find a place to hide, he gets blocked off by one of the police cars that are made of gingerbread cookies.  Bob starts running the other way until he realizes that he is trapped.  With two police cars on each side of him, you would think that he would give up right there but out of the corner of his eye he sees a ladder on the side of a building so he starts climbing it.  The police are telling Bob to give up but he just ignores them and continues climbing up the ladder.  One of the police man thought that if he isn’t going to give up, then I will chase after him.

Meanwhile at the toy shop…

Lexy elf found a clue of where Bob went.  She found his foot print in the snow.  So Lexy elf went to Jolly old St. Nick, to tell him that Bob has ran off and that she couldn’t find him and even the other elves couldn’t find him.

Now back to Bob…

The police officer is hot on Bob’s tail.  As Bob slows down, the officer catches up and eventually catches Bob.  The officer brings Bob back to his police car and drives him to the gingerbread house court.  The judge asks if he could ask him a few questions.

“Why were you in Mr. Butter-Fingers hut?” Judge asks.

“Reasons that you don’t need to know.” Bob says rudely.

“If you don’t tell me, you will be sentenced five years in the eggnog jail.” Judge says.

“Well, I was in his hut because, I thought it was my hut.  I guess I was drunk on eggnog!” Bob laughs.

“Thank you, Bob.  Now you have two choices, you could go to jail for one year or you can leave the North Pole.  What’s your choice?” Judge asks.

“I choose to go to jail for one year because this is where I belong!” Bob says.

The officers lead Bob to his cell that he will be staying in.

Let’s go see how Santa and the other elves are doing…

All the elves are packing the presents into Santa’s big old red sack.  Santa is worried that this Christmas is going to be a disaster, with out his co-pilot,  he will never be able to do it.

As Santa is reading the paper from today, he reads an article about an elf going to jail for breaking into someone’s hut.  Then he realizes… it’s Bob!

It is Bob in the pictures.

So Santa gets dressed really quickly and tells all the elves to hurry up packing all the presents and get the reindeer all set up.  Santa tells Lexy elf that she can come with him to bail out Bob.

So they fly quickly to the eggnog jail to get Bob.  They get there and get to Bob’s jail cell and unlock it to free him.

“Thank you, Santa!” Bob says repeatedly.

“You’re welcome, now enough with the thank you’s, let’s go deliver presents.” Santa says.

So Bob, Lexy and Santa go and deliver presents around the world to all the little girls and boys. When they got back, they had an excellent turkey dinner with gravy and mashed potatoes and of course, cranberry sauce.  The whole crew up at the North Pole had a great Christmas with a great dinner, ice hockey, carolling and of course Santa and Mrs. Claus had a big smooch under the mistletoe.


The Christmas Disaster

By Jojo Coughlin

Once upon a time there was a boy named DJ.  It was close to Christmas time and DJ called his friends to hang out.  DJ’s friends names were Rock, Quinn and Sawyer.

By the time they all got to DJ’s house it was dark.  They played video games for a while.  Then they heard a knock on the window.  No one was there.  Then Rocky said “hey, what’s the big deal about Christmas, I mean there’s no point.”

Then they heard a laugh.  Then everyone except DJ was saying Christmas was bad.  DJ had no idea why everybody hated Christmas.  He heard another laugh.  It was some guy in a purple suit with a blue LD on it.

DJ said “who.. who are you?”

“I’m the purple destroyer.”

“What did you do to everybody?”

“Well I took their Christmas spirit of course.”

“Why would you do that?”

“Because I’m evil”, then he swooshed away.

Well, that guy was rude.  He came back the next day and asked DJ, “why didn’t it work on you?”

“Because my Christmas spirit is too strong,” said DJ.  The purple destroyer left.

Then Santa showed up. “My sleigh won’t fly.”

DJ asked Santa why his sleigh won’t fly.

“It runs on Christmas spirit and no one has any,” said Santa.

“Well I sure do,” said DJ.

“Do you know why no one has Christmas spirit?” asked Santa.

“Well, there’s this guy in a purple suit, I forget his name,” said DJ.  “I have an idea.”

“What is it?” asked Santa.

“We outsmart him into giving Christmas spirit back,” explained DJ.

“Let’s go,” yelled Santa.

“Mom, dad, we’re going to get Christmas spirit back,” said DJ.

“Thanks for telling us,” said dad.

“There’s the purple guy,” said DJ.

“There’s the button that gives Christmas spirit back, let’s put this sticker I bought that says ‘stop people trying to ruin your evil plan’.  Let’s put it on the button.” goes DJ.

Okay then 20 seconds later, “it’s done”, said DJ. He’s going to press it.  Yes, he pressed it.

“I’ll call the cops,” said Santa.

“You’ll pay for this,” yelled the purple destroyer.

Then we all lived happily every after, except the purple destroyer.


The Small Christmas Tree

By Kayla Chrystall

Once upon a time there was a family.  There was a mom and a dad and a little girl named Maya.  Maya loved Christmas.  It was her favourite time of the year.  She couldn’t wait to get a Christmas tree.

One day her mom told her that they were going to get a Christmas tree.  She was happy, but when they go there, all they saw was a small tree.  But she wanted a big one.  So they got it anyway.

When they got home it was a perfect fit.  Maya called her friends, when her friends knocked on her door.  Her friends helped decorate the Christmas tree.

Merry Christmas.


Christmas Miracle

By Meghan Booth

Once upon a time there lived an elf named Billy J.  He wasn’t an ordinary elf, he was the smallest elf in Santa’s workshop.

Billy J lived a terrible life in the workshop because everyone made fun of him and told him he didn’t fit in with all the bigger elves.

Billy thought to himself and said maybe, just maybe a miracle would happen this Christmas!  Then he thought again and said “I have made that same wish every year… who am I kidding. I’m never going to change.  But I might as well give it a try.”

The next day was Christmas eve and Billy new just what to do.  He walked into the workshop more confident than ever and said “Santa!  I really need to talk to you.  I’m not trying to bring you out of the busiest night of the year, but I really need you.”

As the other elves began to laugh, “Quiet!” Santa yelled. “Billy J is just as important as all of you so GET BACK TO WORK!”  He yelled as he slammed the door to his office.  “What Billy, what do you possibly need on Christmas eve?”

“Well… Santa I just want to be the same as all the other elves!”

“Billy J, I’m not a wizard, I can’t just change who you are.  You should be proud of what you have.”

“What Santa, what do I have?”

“You have life Billy, be proud of that.”

“But I can’t,” Billy screamed, “everybody teases me and I can’t take it any more!”

“Well”, Santa said, “if you are patient and let me deliver all of these presents, I promise when I get back I will deal with those curley toed elves, okay?”

“Do you promise?” Billy said.

“Yes, Billy, I never break my promises!”

So Billy walked out of the office with a big grin on his face as the other elves started to get confused.

That night as all the children began to fall asleep, Santa knew it was time to take off!

After hours and hours went by, Santa arrived from the big trip and said, “elves, I need to talk to all of you.”

They all hopped out of their seats and said, “yes Santa.”

“Well, Billy J has had a really rough time in this workshop and we are all supposed to be a family around here!  I am not gonna have you guys continuing to be mean to Billy.  He was born like that and we are all going to treat him like we should treat each other!  AGREED!” Santa yelled.

“YES”, all the elves burst out after.

As days passed by, all the elves treated Billy how he wanted to be treated for years, and he said “thank you Santa, I couldn’t have done it without you!”


Where Did Christmas Go

By Cadence Beeton

One day in a very happy town where I live, me and Shelby were going to school.  Then we got to school, the word Christmas was…. gone, stolen, something (gasp).

Who has stolen the word Christmas?

Nobody knows, then the teacher said, “I think I know.”

“Who, Ms. Snow!”

“Linda the word queen,” oh no!

Me and Shelby set off to get Christmas back.  we searched and searched.  Then we found three letters CIA.

“That’s part of it, look Shelby, a trail, let’s follow it.”

So we did, we found out who did it, so we told Ms. Snow who did it and she was right.  Then Linda got arrested. Then we got the word Christmas back.  Cadence and Shelby found it, yay.


The Magic Skates

By Cameron Salle

Grade 3, Mrs. Matthews

Once upon a time Santa was just getting ready to leave Christmas Eve, but he saw glittery magic over a hill, so he went over there and he was so excited, they were magic ice skates!

He put them on and skated away.  He laughed, “I’ll get all those presents in no time at all.”


The Christmas Problem

By Cy Celesta

Santa comes and puts magic on Mr. Allan from steeling presents.  Then Mr. Allan stopped steeling presents.  So Mr. Allan gives all the presents back and me, my mom and dad had a good Christmas, and Mr. Allan did too.

Mr. Allan lived with us.  We had fun, we opened our presents.

I left milk and cookies.  He left me a note that said thank you for the milk and cookies.

I hope this year is going to be a good Christmas.  I am going to make presents for my family.


Roudalf Helps Santa

By Gabriella Genier

Roudalf was so excited to get ready for Christmas.

Prancer wanted to go in front of all the other reindeer.  Santa did not let him go in front.  Prancer was jealous.  So Roudalf was looking for Santa but could not find him.  So he went to the factory room.  No one was there.

“Where is everybody?”  No one answered.

So Roudalf went to the hot chocolate break room.  All of the elves were having a party.

“Hay everybody!”  All the elves looked.  “Where is Santa?”

“He is getting all of the toys in the sleigh.”

“Oh, my gosh.  Prancer is about to be in front of me if I do not get there before he gets the magical harness.  See you guys later.  Oh, and get back to work.  We need some toys for next Christmas.”

“Oh, we mean yes sir Roudalf.”

“Oh thank goodness,” said Santa.  “Where have you been.”

“I was in the hot chocolate break room.”

“Doing what?”

“Telling the elves to get back, stop partying, and get back to work.”

“You did that.  Well, I wonder who told them that they could party.”

“I do not know, Santa,” said Roudalf.

“Okay, it was me”, said Prancer.  “I was going to blame it on Roudalf.  I am really sorry Roudalf.”

“I accept your apology, but please do not do it again.”

“Okay, I will not.”