Christmas Story contest winners announced

Over the next few weeks the Star/Journal will print many of the Christmas stories

The Annual Star/Journal Christmas Story contest proved just as popular as ever this year with a large number of entries being submitted from area youngsters.

Two divisions, Kindergarten to Grade 3, and Grade 4 to Grade 7 were offered. Two titles were supplied to entrants from which they had to write a story about ‘How The Kitten Found The Spirit of Christmas’ or My Very Most Favourite Christmas’.

Stories were not only judged on spelling and punctuation, but also on imagination and creativity.

Our judges spent quite some time reviewing all of the entries, and they commented the quality of the eventual winner’s submissions was exceptional for their age groups.  In fact there is a tie for third place in Division 2.

Over the next few weeks the Star/Journal will print many of the Christmas stories submitted so our readers can enjoy the literary efforts of our area youngsters.

Here are the winners of the 2 Star/Journal Christmas Story Contest:


Division 1

Kindergarten to Grade 3


First Place:

My Very Most Favourite Christmas

My very most favourite Christmas is on my birthday.

One Christmas we  went sledding on my birthday with my friends, and family.   I can  snowboard with my Auntie.  I also got pulled behind a snowmobile.  We  had three GT Racers and two snowboards.

My brother Curtis is really good at snowboarding, too, like my Aunt Kitty and me.  We tobogganed  and had lots of fun.

When we were all done, we went back to our house and had chili for lunch and a cowgirl birthday cake my Mama made me.

I love my birthday because there is snow on the ground.  I can go sledding on my birthday.  My friends play with me.  We play all day  long.  Then we go outside and make a snowman.

That is my very most  favourite Christmas.

By: Bobby-Raye Farrow

Barriere Elementary School

Mrs. Peterson’s Grade 1 Class


Second Place:

How the kitten found the spirit of Christmas

The kitten is named Bobby.  She doesn`t believe in Christmas or Santa Claus.  She is obsessed with money.  She has a business.  It was passed down to her from her grandfather.  Bobby was taken by the Spirit of Christmas.  She saw things.  She saw kids` childhoods.  She found the real spirit of Christmas.  The other one was a ghost.  She still doesn`t believe in Christmas.  She said to herself, `I will never believe in Christmas. But I really want to believe in Christmas.`  The evil self took her over.  Then she made every toy expensive in her store.  Even Santa couldn`t buy them!  Starla, another kitten, started being nice to Bobby.  Bobby started to believe in Christmas.  She put all the toys at a low price. Even Santa could buy them.  She was now a real believer in Christmas.  She never got coal in her stocking again!  Santa gave her presents!  Then she said, `Merry Christmas everyone!`

By: Kaeli McDonald

Barriere Elementary School

Ms. Matthews’ Grade 3 Class


Third Place:

My Very Most  Favourite Christmas: The Big Car


One winter day Tanner, Tyson and Tyler were at home with their mom and dad.  They had a big surprise and finally the dad and mom told it.  “We are going to your cousins!”

We said, “So let`s get packing!”

“We already packed.”

“OK.  When are we going?  Tomorrow!”

The next day they left really early in the morning.  On the way, we saw some lightning.  Ten hours later we got to the town.  But then the car stopped and a piece flew off!  We were stuck in the middle of the town.

Then we saw a tow truck.  It was coming to us.  It was right beside us when he told us to get out.  I am going to fix your car.

So we got our stuff out and packed it to our cousins.  When we got there they surprised us.  We unpacked and put our presents under the tree.  We did lots of things: tea, TV, Wii, games and cooking.

We spent 10 days at the cousins and finally we left, but we had no car.  Wait.  I see our car!  It was coming to us!  A guy jumped out and said, “Your car is fixed!” So we jumped in and drove off.  When we got home everybody fell asleep.

By: Tanner Schilling

Barriere Elementary School

Ms. Matthews’ Grade 3 Class


Division 2

Grade 4 to Grade 7


First Place:

How The Kitten Found The Spirit Of Christmas

One bitter, cold, freezing, winter night there was a homeless kitten named Shimmer, walking through the streets of the town called Elmore. Shimmer was a Smokey grey and white kitten and her fur was as silky as a butterfly’s wing. But Shimmer wasn’t your ordinary kitten, Shimmer was a singer! She sang day and night and managed to receive treats on the streets for her outstanding singing voice!

It was getting close to Christmas time! But there was one problem, Shimmer didn’t know what Christmas meant or why people and animals celebrated it.

Today was her day to figure out why! She was walking down the streets while looking at the beautiful, Rainbow coloured, florescent Christmas lights, and shiny decorations when something caught her eye. On one of the building windows there was a banner. It was telling the readers about how there would be a Christmas singing contest on Christmas Eve. Shimmer thought that that would be an awesome opportunity to show off her magnificent singing ability! So that was exactly what she was going to do. Except for the part that said it had to be a Christmas carol! Shimmer did not know what a Christmas carol was nor did she know how to learn one. Then a thought came to her mind, she could go to the free newspaper stand and grab a carolling sheet.

She practised for one day, and that night she was ready! She sang “Silent Night.” The quality of her voice came out of her lungs clear and soft but exceptionally well! She was pleased with her performance and took her seat to watch the other contestants. While Shimmer was listening to the other Christmas songs she was thinking that “Silent Night” was the first song she ever sang, that told her what Christmas was about, love, new friendships and most of all thankfulness. Shimmer realized that singing was what she loved, singing was her friend and singing was what she was thankful for!

By: Lauren Tremblay

Barriere Elementary School, Grade 7


Second Place:

How The Kitten Found The Spirit Of Christmas:  The Kitten With The Lost Soul

Mr. Garfield was no ordinary cat.  He was an old orange tome cat that lived in a barn.  He had half a tail that was infected at the tip. Garfield had the most beautiful ocean blue eyes with nice big, round pupils.

For the last four years Mr. Garfield had stopped believing in Christmas.  He did not have any friends or family to share with, so it was not too fun for him.

For some reason this year, Garfield thought he would write to Santa out of despeartion to see if just maybe he might somehow get a response.

Two weeks later up at Santa’s workshop, Santa was reading Mr. Garfield’s list and saw it was very short, he only asked Santa to renew his Christmas Spirit.  What?? No ipod, no big screen TV, no cat-nip even?  Santa gave this some thought….  “I know!!” Santa exclaimed, “I’ll send him old Chester, my cat, to have as his new friend.”  If anyone could cheer Garfield up, Santa thought Chester could.  Chester was the most cheerful, lovable thing ever.  “I think I’ll deliver this one early,” Santa said, “so that by Christmas he will be full of Holly Jolly Christmas Spirit!”

Because Garfield’s Christmas Spirit was buried so deep down, when Chester arrived and said he was sent by Santa, Garfield didn’t believe him.  Chester decided to invite Garfield on a ski trip, to try to get to know each other a bit.  Garfield ad so much fun racing Chester down the mountain and having powder-spraying wars by dragging their tails behind them.  After skiing, Chester convinced Garfield to go see Dr. McDonald, the vet.  Garfield needed a needle, but he was scared, so Chester promised he would take him to see Santa if he would just get the shot.  Garfield agreed, got his tail treated and had a check up and thanked Dr. McDonald.  He and Chester set off to find a way up to the North Pole.  They spotted one of Santa’s magic mail trucks parked across the street.  The elves were getting kids’ letters out of a mailbox, so Chester and Garfield snuck over and hot-wire the truck and borrowed it.  Chester knew the elves would manage to get the letters to Santa with their big sacks and jet packs.  So, away they flew off into the glimmering night sky.

When they landed at the North Pole air strip, they were transported by snowmobiles to Santa’s workshop.  Garfield got to meet Santa, and Santa asked him, “So, have I granted your Christmas wish?”

“Yes, you have helped me find my Spirit again, but now I have one more wish.  Can I keep Chester?”

“Ho, Ho, Ho,” Santa laughed, “it would be up to him,” he said.

“I would love to go live in a barn, just what I’ve always dreamed of!”  Chester exclaimed.  So they said their goodbyes and hopped on a reindeer and flew off home and lived happily ever after.

By: Sheldon Vansickle

Barriere Elementary School, Grade 7


Third Place (tie):

My Very Most Favourite Christmas:

A Christmas Story

When I get out of bed I slowly place my cold feet on the dusty wooden floor.  I take small steps toward the window and peer out at the white fluff covering our farm.  I take a deep breath and dress myself in my snow clothes.  When I walk through the kitchen I see my mother reading the paper, I go out to collect the eggs.  When I get to the chicken coop I kick the door open I see the chickens staring at me.  I just go pick the eggs up, they are still warm yet fresh.  As I am leaving I throw their breakfast out.  I hand my mother the eggs and she starts frying them up for breakfast.

That weird salty smell of the eggs reminds me of something.  The thought pops into my head.  It reminds me of last Christmas!  The best Christmas of all times, my Father got a break from working in the mines.  We had a lot more money and we could afford to have a feast full of steaming turkey that has been engaged in spices, yam that is softer than a lambs fleece, and salad from my great auntie.

Softly I ask my mother if we could have last Christmas again.  I gulp and look at her.  She looks at me as if she was trying to comprehend what I was saying.  “I guess we could try,” she says.

“Good”, I say.  I call my dad.  It takes a little convincing but he eventually agrees to come.  I make my way into town trying to see my way in front of me.  Snowflakes are flying at my face as I am trying to dodge them.  I do a lot of running around till I get everything ready.  When I get home the house lights up.  My mother has decorated the house with coloured glistening lights, streamers that hang from the ceiling and bows.  We prepare our food and that is when guests start arriving.  We all sit by the fire, sing Christmas carols, feast on turkey, yam, and salad.  This was truly the best Christmas ever!

By: Madison Kerslake

Barriere Elementary School, Grade 7


Third Place (tie): My Very Most Favourite Christmas

My family and I were staying at our cabin on Bonaparte Lake that cold, snowy winter many years ago. It was the night before Christmas and I could not get to bed. I was super excited that Santa was coming with presents that night. That’s when I heard a strange noise coming from outside. It sounded like Santa’s sleigh bells? My Mom said “ You better hurry up and get into bed or Santa won’t stop here with presents for you.” So I quickly jumped into my bed. I wondered as I drifted off to sleep, if I had really heard Santa’s sleigh bells or not?

After a while I finally fell a sleep. That night I woke up to another strange noise. “Footsteps!” I thought to myself. No, that noise can’t be the sound of Santa’s footsteps. Or was it? I had to find out for myself.

I crawled up out of bed and slowly tiptoed into the living room of the cabin. There he was, standing right in front of me. There stood a big jolly man with a fuzzy white beard in a red suite.  He was eating the cookies and milk that we had left out for him. “Santa!” I screamed. Then I went up to him and said “It’s you! It’s really you!” Just then my Mom and Dad came running into the living room to see what all the noise was about. “What’s all this commotion about?” My Dad asked. “Why are you out of bed?” Asked my Mom. “Santa’s here.” I screamed. “Well where is he?” They both asked. “He’s right here!”  “Right where?” They asked again. “What? Where did he go? He was right here a minute ago!” I hollered. “Go to bed. It’s really late.” Mom said. “But…but” I said.“No buts Mr. Into bed!” My Dad said sternly.

So I went back to bed. When I woke up, I realized that it was already Christmas Morning! I heard my Nanny holler “ Wakey, wakey. Would any of you sleepy heads like some breakfast? ”Yes please, I do!” I said as I ran to the living room.

My Nanny was making breakfast. Mmmmmm. I could smell yummy pancakes and sausage on that cool winter Christmas morning at the cabin. Our cabin smelled so good. I looked around the living room as I patiently waited for breakfast.

It was then that I realized that my brother and I’s stockings were filled with presents. All that was left of the cookies and milk was a few crumbs. I thought to myself “Santa did come here last night. He really did.”

That was my most favorite Christmas ever. To this day I wonder, did I really see Santa on that cold wintery night before Christmas at our cabin. Or was it all just a dream?

By: Colton Van Nieuwkerk

Barriere Elementary School, Grade 7