Dear Grandma letter a lesson in geography

Kids in Aldergrove will be able to say, “I know about Barriere and Louis Creek.”

Maryse Berube holds up Flat Stanley

Maryse Berube holds up Flat Stanley

Barriere resident, Maryse Berube recently received the following from her grandson:

Dear Grandma,

Recently, my class read a funny book by Jeff Brown called Flat Stanley.  In the book, a young boy named Stanley is accidentally squished “as flat as a pancake” when a bulletin board falls on him.  Stanley is very, very flat, but otherwise fine.  Stanley’s family does not have enough money to send him on a plane to visit a friend in California, so they decide to put him in a large envelope and mail him.  Our class agrees that it is a clever way to travel.

Thank you for agreeing to host Flat Stanley in your city.  My class is very excited to learn about Stanley’s visit with you.  You may wish to take photos of Stanley at well known landmarks in your city, to write a journal or send post cards telling about his experiences, or even buy him a souvenir.  Please use your imagination.  The sky is the limit.

When you are ready to send him home, please place him in the envelope that we have provided, along with his journal, and mail him to our school.

Devin Slack and Mrs. McKinney (classroom teacher)

Maryse says her grandson attends a school in Aldergrove, B.C., and that she thinks this is a great way to learn geography in a way that has a more lasting impression for the students.    So she is filling the envelope with information and mementos from Barriere, Louis Creek and the surrounding area.

“What an interesting way to learn geography within your own province.  It provides a personal touch.  What better way to learn about where we live.  Kids in Aldergrove will be able to say, “I know about Barriere and Louis Creek.”  They will have something in hand.  I really liked the fact that the kids had to write the letter themselves.”