Don Bugera Whist tourney held for 4th year

Don Bugera Whist tourney held for 4th year in Barriere

A bit of late news (late because I lost it in the clutter of other late news on my kitchen table), from the Senior’s Hall.

The 4th Annual Don Bugera Memorial Whist Tournament was held on April 16, with six tables in play.  Rob Rutten and Susan Garland took first place with a 212 score, and Lil Klassen and Ed Lundeburg took second place with a 208 score.

It’s a boring hockey season now that the Vancouver Canucks managed to flunk their second play-offs game on their seventh game with the LA Lakers.  They even made it look easy, which is no sweat for them.  Even Luongo, the goalie helped LA out.  One thing about it though – Vancouver city council didn’t have to worry about a repeat of that disastrous riot that came with the Vancouver Stanley Cup win.