Don’t get on the naughty list with holiday recycling

Get helpful recycling hints from Ministry of Environment fun poem

Over the holiday season the amount of waste generated around the province increases significantly says the Ministry of Environment. That’s why it is so important for British Columbians to familiarize themselves with how easy it is to recycle and reuse products rather than tossing them in the trash.  And it is not just all the wrapping paper and packaging that can be recycled. Many people will be receiving new toys, clothing and the latest electronic devices over the next few weeks – and it is important to remember you can recycle all of your old ones to make room.

To help British Columbians embrace the spirit of recycling at this festive time of the year, the elves at the Ministry of Environment have written “A Recycling Story” – a holiday-themed tale with an environmental twist. Here is an excerpt:


T’was the night before Christmas and all through the city,

Broken toys were scattered about – oh, such a pity….


Recycle drink boxes, electronics and toys,

small appliances, cellphones – for girls and for boys.


Recycle your batteries, light bulbs and lamps,

Recycle your papers, your letters, your stamps!


To the curb side or depot, it’s easy to carry,

Making the planet much greener helps us all to be merry!


The choices we make are important you know,

Whether it’s sunny, or raining, or starting to snow.


Our lakes will be cleaner; our parks will be green,

Our Province looks nicer when it’s pretty and clean!


Now children, this story is not just for you,

It’s important for grown-ups to recycle too!


Reduce and reuse are things to remember –

To do all year round, not just in December!”


The entire printable booklet is available at:

The story is also available to read at: recycling-story/

Visit the Recycling Council of British Columbia’s recyclepedia site: or download their app and you can find the nearest location to recycle anything from electronics to furniture to clothing and much more.