Every day of the year some one is celebrating something

For virtually every day of the year, somewhere in the world, somebody is celebrating something

Do you like having a reason to have fun?  Do you like learning about all sorts of weird and wonderful things?  Well, try looking up ‘fun days of observance’, or similar phrases, on the internet.  There are official government sites that list the statutory holidays that government recognizes, the United Nations site which lists it’s many day, week and month observances, and lots of private sites that list whole hosts of fun, odd, wacky, and religious holidays.

For virtually every day of the year, somewhere in the world, somebody is celebrating something.  If you’d like an example, one such site is brownielocks.com (an American web-page).  They separate the days by month, and, wherever possible, include links to ‘official’ pages about the day.  There are many other such sites that you can find by going online.  See what you can find.

In August, some of the more interesting days (to me at least) are: August 9 – World Wide Art Day; August 12 – International Youth Day (UN); August 24-25 – International Bat Night (this has a link to an interesting site with all sorts of info about bats); and August 30 – National Toasted Marshmallow Day (US)… that last one sounds particularly delicious and tempting to celebrate (I love toasted marshmallows).

While some of the days are specific to a particular country, there’s nothing to stop us joining in on the festivities; and who knows, if enough people start to celebrate an event, eventually it will turn into either a national or international day of observance, and possibly even into an observed holiday.

Look at Mother’s Day: the first Mother’s Day was celebrated in 1907, by an American woman who had to campaign to get it officially recognized – and today it is celebrated around the world.

If you, or your kids, are bored and want something interesting to do, have them search for a day to celebrate, and make it a learning experience.  Have them learn enough about the day to explain to you (or anyone else) what it is all about, and why it should be celebrated, and encourage the kids to make or prepare any items needed to celebrate (ie: get the marshmallows, sticks, the barbecue, the napkins, etc).

Enjoy your summer.