Explore together

celebrate BC's first Family Day, Monday, February 11, 2013

There is no better province to explore than British Columbia and no better family bonding experience than sharing the thrill of a new discovery or experience. Day trips can create remarkable family memories. They offer a wonderful way to spend time together and learn more about where you live.  You might decide to explore close to home or venture to one of the other regions in B.C. over the Family Day weekend.

There are many ways to invest in a day of discovery with your family, why not maximize the experience by  involving everyone in the planning.      By planning ahead you and your whole family can experience a worthwhile outing and make every aspect fun. Create a list of activities or venues and assign a rough budget for each. Allow family members to weigh in on their preferences and discuss what they would like to see, do or learn at each.

Kids or youth can map out the sites and activities, creating a family agenda including selecting the points of interest, activities, lunch and shopping. It’s the perfect way to free up everyone from everyday tasks and roles.


Researching history, attractions, museums, parks and markets can teach valuable lessons and it helps children to plan within a budget. This way they are part of making important decisions, appreciate both the effort and cost of outings and will be more enthused about an agenda they helped develop. This can lead to great family discussions about what each individual enjoyed or learned and starts you planning for future family explorations.