Fair funnies to get in the mood

Senior's at Large column

Subtle signs of the impending Fall Fair are beginning to show up around town in random order, depicting various farm scenes, since that’s the Fairs motto this year.

So-o-o, there seems to be a lot of sheep (and one ram) running around on the loose on the main drag.

If you should happen to spot them, please do not frighten the poor things.  Just scoop them up and look after them until the opening of the Fair.  They will recognize their names – watch out for the ram (Dimitri), then Romeo and Juliet, and babies Beauregard and Baby Skookem.

Oddly enough, they appear to be intoxicated, so this notice is most important: “Be on the lookout for an obviously smashed young (?) lady pushing a walker between the assisted living building and the Barriere clinic this morning.

Subject is veering from side to side in an aggressive manner, pushing the rather large rocks and mumbling some very foul language.  Please do not try to approach her until the R.C.M.P. arrive.”