Family scare sends me gardening


Sometimes bad things happen to yourself or a member of your family; which is so hard to comprehend, and so scary that you can’t think of anything else.

It happened to my son last week.  The scare is over now, and thank heaven he’s going to be okay.  Still you tend to dwell on it when a thing like that sneaks up and hits you in the gut.

So now I can get back to work on my garden, which has been neglected and needs a little care and affection.

We have a tomato contest going on now.  In Spring we each purchased a tomato plant here, and now wait to see who ends up with a prize for the largest tomato, and right on down to the smallest.

Wouldn’t you know, the plant I picked is about a quarter the size of the other tomato plants!

It’s got to be a miracle – I was given a small pale pink rose in the Spring.  I planted it outside in a container last week and voila – I now have a deep apricot coloured rose!

No Senior’s news until the end of the summer vacation.