Federal election tough on T.V.

Seniors At Large

Golly gee and hallelujah, my T.V. tells me we’re going to the polls this spring.

I’m so happy to hear this wonderful news I’m doing cartwheels all over my kitchen floor.

Seems Mr. (carper) Harper, Mr. (waiting) Layton and Mr. (irksome) Ignatieff figure we need another lesson on the ins and outs (mostly outs) of politics; and they’re all looking for a chance to give we poor seniors some more money.

Don’t hold your purses open, that promise usually gets forgotten before they’ve even taken their oaths of office and they’re all parading around on my T.V. calling each other nasty names.

I can hardly wait to sign my John Q Henry and the big X on my ballot.  Do they have one for ‘undecided’?

Be that as it may, I’ve been busy practicing for the big day.

I’ve been told that Mr. Obama is going to be here and help us celebrate.  He says he may be too busy, but if so, he’ll be sure to make the next one in 2012.

I’m trying to memorize the candidates names to help me from making a mistake with my ballots; that would be a shame after all they’ve done for us.

By the way, my T.V. has developed a nasty smelling puff or two blowing from the back of it.

An important birthday is coming up on April 8.  She’s smart and sassy.  She’s Kiki – Happy Birthday!

Four tables in play at Whist last Monday evening.  Winners were Susan Garland with a score of 219, and Gordon Ireland with 217.  Other good scores – Gordon Crichton 213, Carol Bugera 205, and Gloria Gartner 202.