Friends: A poem by Drew Johnson, BSS, Gr. 11

Friends: A poem by Drew Johnson, Barriere Secondary School, Grade 11

Where would we be without the best of friends

We treat them wrong and we treat them right

How do we know when it has gone too far?

Will they speak up or will it end in a fight


For all of us know

Things happen all the time

Just give it a day

And it might just be fine


You got hurt once

And then kicked when you’re down

Forgiveness is key

But will it be here for the cap and the gown


As you grow up together

Your minds spread apart

For each other you lose interest

But how did it start


Best friends forever

Never really stays

For some people it will

But for the most part it sways


As you age on

Your hobbies can change

But such it is life

It’s really quite strange


A new state of mind

May have been caught

For our lives altered

And mischief is brought


Written by:

Drew Johnson

Grade 11 student at Barriere Secondary School