Fruit stand in McLure makes a perfect summer

What's New in McLue and Louis Creek by Lorna Bergey

It doesn’t feel like the dog days of summer does it? I recently heard someone say “we are having a Goldilocks summer, not too hot, and not too cold – just perfect.”

I can agree with that, although I could do with a little less rain because I have a leaky roof. But since everything is staying so gorgeously green instead of turning brown like it normally does, I can accept the leaky roof and try to fix it on the drier days.

Another benefit of a perfect summer is all the fresh local produce for sale at Carl’s Market Garden and Fruit Stand in McLure. Everything is in except for the nectarines, and they will be here in a couple of weeks. Peaches, apricots, blueberries and cherries can all be found there between 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day. If you need anything else, and aren’t sure if they have it, you can always call them at 250-672-9366.

When you are heading into Kamloops, you will be wanting to turn at Carl’s Market Garden anyway. “Why”, you ask?

Because Doug Borrow and his crew are going to be working on the highway improvement project in that area starting the third week in July.

Taking the McLure Ferry will avoid those long waits in the line-ups and alleviate a lot of stress.

As usual there is a community meeting the first Wednesday of August at the McLure Fire Hall.

Unless it gets even wetter than it’s been, things should be turning that golden color we are so used to by the next time you hear from me.

Until the golden days arrive, this is what’s happening in Louis Creek, McLure and Vinsulla.