Garden Club report

North Thompson Valley Garden Club report on elections

The main focus of the Jan. 15, North Thompson Valley Garden Club, was the election of officers and committee chairs for 2012.  The elected officers are:

President – Franz Friesinger

Vice-president – Gerry Brackhaus

Secretary – Margaret Houben

Treasurer – Anne Cameron (with Liz Gilbertson as helper)

Committee chairs are as follows:

Harvest Festival – Gerry Brackhaus (with Franz Friesinger as vice chair)

Program Committee – Franz Friesinger

Community Garden – Liz Gilbertson (with Doris as vice-chair)

District liaison – Margaret Houben

Plant Sale – Anne Cameron (with Liz Gilbertson as vice-chair)

Seedy Saturday: Lorraine Thiesen (with Susan Garland as vice- chair)

Fall Fair Float – Deb McDonald

Several interesting items were brought up for information.  The date for this year’s Seedy Saturday has already been set, it is April 14, in Clearwater.

The North Thompson Food Action website is starting to shape up.

There will be a Grant/Proposal Writing Workshop on March 10 at the Little Fort Hall.  Those interested need to contact Cheryl Thomas to register ($25/person).

There will be an Arts Health and Wellness Expo on Feb. 4 in Clearwater; again, those interested in booking a spot need to contact Cheryl Thomas.

It was discussed to have a table at the Plant Sale for signing up for the Barriere Community Garden plots.  All agreed this was a great idea, and Liz Gilbertson will make sure this is done.

The next regular meeting of the North Thompson Garden Club will be Feb. 19, 1 p.m. at the NT Volunteer Centre.