Get some life before it’s too late!

Seniors at Large Column - old age and looking on the bright side

Old Age: clinically over the hill or of advanced age (something you’ve got when your youth’s flown the coop).

If these words of wisdom don’t help you feel better about the inevitable future, then so be it.  There are lots of words and phrases written over the years to soften the impact, but the best is probably “look at the bright side”.  I mean “what the heck”, maybe your late departed uncle, who was a prize fighter of sorts, left you an extra muscle on your fist to help your dismal showing last time you entered the ring as ‘The Man Killer”.  Remember, he didn’t die, but he passed gently away in the second round.  Or maybe you’d shine as a writer, but maybe not if you’re a sibling of mine.

Unfortunately for you, “time is of the essence”, so get out of bed and walk on down to your present job at the morgue.    Who knows, maybe a pretty face will show up and you’ll get a whole new perspective on your life or you’ll get a little crazy and run away from home.

Either way, you’ll heed my gentle words of warning – get some life before it’s too late!

And remember,  when the end of the month rolls around again, and you get your O.A.P., you owe me fifty cents.