Goodbye to old Duff dog

Goodbye to old Duff dog - Senior's At Large for March 26

I’m saying ‘good-by’ this week over the death of my dear doggy friend of 13 years, ‘Duffy’.

So many times over the years, she has helped me mourn the loss of one  of my friends, animal and human, and what a joy she has been for me!

I love animals so much, that if I happen to hear an animal crying on a cold winter’s night, it will be the end of sleep for that night, as my imagination tries desperately to imagine the suffering of the poor thing.  If you’ve ever had an animal friend in your life, you know how caring they are about their ‘people’.  It is a wonderful thing to be loved unconditionally by an animal.  Priceless!  Love you, my old Duff dog.

This writing would not be complete without a huge ‘thank you’ to Elli Kohnert, who has been Barriere’s animal friend and mentor for many years, and is often the only friend they’ll have.  I also thank her from the bottom of my heart, for my little ‘Cody’ dog, who brightens all my hours.

Sorry to be so soppy eyed this week, but you gotta get it out some way; and to all my friends at my assisted living digs, thanks for putting up with me.

Lastly, ‘thank you’ to Lynda for looking after Duff for such a long time, because I was not able to have him with me.  She is a friend indeed.