Great tomato experiments

Barriere businessman, Jarek Kotolewski’s garden includes a tomato patch where about 150 to 200 plants grow

Jarek Kotolewski at home in his tomato patch.

Jarek Kotolewski at home in his tomato patch.

Looking at Barriere businessman, Jarek Kotolewski’s garden, the most  interesting  part is his tomato patch where about 150 to 200 plants grow.  The plants are so big they look more like rows of young trees that have grown to lofty and bushy  heights.

Jarek has built an enclosure around the patch that also serves as supports for plants that have to be tied up, with the center rows also having posts and rails for plant support.

One might assume that all the plants are so diligently cared for so as to have a great harvest of tomatoes, but Jarek has told this reporter that it is his fascination with the plants themselves that encourages his dedication to their growth.

He talked about his previous hobby of raising fish in aquariums, and that after 15 years he had become bored with this hobby, and instead found something new in growing tomatoes.

Jarek says he is excited about all the  great varieties of tomatos; he collects seeds from his plants, and  also literally searches the world for  seeds of different varieties.

Now he has tomato plants from various countries as well as uncommon tomato plants from around Canada.

Now is the time when the astonishing diversety of tomatoes show their colours in Jareks patch.

There are dark red ones, yellow ones, almost black ones, and of course there are all kinds of shapes and sizes as well.

They all differ in taste and texture, from mild tasting to strong flavours, you name it and the tomatoes in this garden have it.

It is obvious that Jarek is knowledgeable and enthusiastic when he talks about his somewhat unusual hobby; a hobby that allows him to spend time after a hard days work at his restaurant (the Station House), to the peace and quiet of working with his tomato seeds and plantings.

Jarek notes that when he’s been working many hours with people at the restaurant,  he finds it relaxing  to spend a few evening hours by himself in the garden,  where he can let his mind ponder what new varieties of the ever popular tomato he might find, grow,  and be able to harvest from his garden.