Hurray for historical Donut Day!

The word spread around like wildfire – “Hey, they’ve got fresh donuts down in the dining room”.  I’ll bet none of you know that the first Friday of each year is ‘Donut Day’ – created by the Salvation Army in 1938 to honour the women who served donuts to soldiers during World War 1.  Many American donut shops offer free donuts on National donut Day.

Now that I’ve written the word “donut” five times herein (enough already!);  I’ll explain  – one of the nice ladies employed in our cell block brought a very large box of donuts in for our 10 a.m. coffee break.  When I arrived on the scene, several of the residents, who had reached there before me, were wearing varied shades of chocolate, maple and vanilla on their grinning faces.  They looked pretty weird and they also looked like they couldn’t care less.

Talk about Canucks hockey fever – Donna and Ada came to supper tonight with a Canucks logo on their blouses.

Now I’ve seen everything!