Interior author with extensive background in law enforcement pens new suspense thriller

Interior author with extensive background in law enforcement pens new suspense thriller

Jonathan McCormick has recently released his first full length novel, Wyoming Secrets.  This suspense thriller follows the efforts of Supervising Secret Service Agent Jessica Fukishura, who uncovers sleeper antagonists in U.S. President Bakus’ hometown and a clandestine pack train supply system through Yellowstone National Park. Native Americans from an Idaho reservation receive drugs smuggled on rail cars, move them covertly by pack train into Wyoming, and return with explosives for the Christians for a Better America’s Idaho mountain facility. The Idaho smugglers’ attempt to mask their operation results in a Sheriff’s murder, an exhaustive manhunt and an FBI investigation in conflict with Fukishura’s assignment.

The plot takes the reader through North Africa, London England, Washington, D.C. Arizona and Wyoming, while the hero tracks down the well organized, disgruntled, right wing political misfits that are being trained by Middle Eastern assassins.

“My sources are SWAT supervisors, their emergency response team, the Secret Service, a former CIA operative with whom I trained, the Seattle Police Department and King County sheriffs,” McCormick explains.  “The martial arts techniques employed are those I teach to law enforcers and military police, utilizing my sixth degree black belt in combat martial arts.”

McCormick is a U.S. Marine (inactive), trained with a famed CIA operative, the late Colonel Rex Applegate and Ultimate Fighter  champion Royce Gracie. He is a former member of the American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers and works with law enforcers in the areas of suspect control and officer safety.

His writing experience is vast, as he has been writing for over 20 years.  He contributed to law enforcement periodicals BlueLine and Twenty-Four-Seven. He was a columnist for Black Press, writes regularly for the Canadian Firearms Journal and is a guest columnist for the Vancouver Province in Vancouver, British Columbia.

McCormick was the security columnist for the Vancouver  Province and conducted defensive tactics workshops throughout Canada and the United States. He wrote the Educator and Outdoors for Sterling Newspapers, contributed to Backpacker and wrote personal safety articles for the Canadian Association of Retired Persons, B.C. Woman and Maturity.

He has written defensive tactics pieces for Full Contact and Black Belt. He has been consulted by Canadian Living Magazine and NBC’s Leeza Gibbons talk show. He was recently featured in Maxim for defense tactics. He has written Kids First, a complete child safety guide for parents and is currently penning Senior Tactics.

McCormick writes frequently for a number of published authors. He collaborated with Eric Wilson in Wilson’s thriller, The Emily Carr Mystery. Wilson’s protagonist Liz Austen is attacked in a cemetery and McCormick wrote the scene in which Austen successfully defends herself using his skills.

Black Press recently published his inspirational Irish Thaw.

He instructs rape survivors at various women’s centers, teaches personal defense to seniors’ groups, elementary/secondary school students, realtors, teachers and support staff, and was invited to conduct a safety seminar for 200 members of the Vancouver Island Real Estate Board.

McCormick developed conflict resolution and self esteem programs for federal work initiatives. Psychiatric care-givers gained safe and effective client management techniques with his instruction. He’s taught children and their parents skills to avoid kidnapping, sexual/physical assault and playground bullying.

However, he currently lives in Lumby and has lived in B.C. for the last 25 years, 10 years on Vancouver Island, and 15 years in the Interior.  He holds a Bachelors degree from the University of Washington and a Masters from the University of Portland. He is a member of Sisters in Crime Inc.  He is currently working on the first sequel to Wyoming Secrets, 30,000 Secrets.

“I plan a series of books featuring Agent Fukishura and the “J” Team as they track other CFBA cells and a plot to crash LAX flights,” says McCormick, “A spin-off series will be with the “Jarc” SEAL team introduced in Wyoming Secrets.”

Readers can follow Fukishura and the “J” Team on Facebook.

Wyoming Secrets, A “J” Team Novel is available from