Interior Savings CEO visits Cambodia

CEO of Interior Savings Credit Union recently returned from Cambodia

Interior Savings President and CEO

Interior Savings President and CEO

Kathy Conway, President and CEO of Interior Savings Credit Union recently returned from Cambodia as part of the Co-operative Development Foundation of Canada (CDF) Journey Out of Poverty Mission. Conway was among six credit union CEOs who traveled to Cambodia to look at creating savings and credit co-operatives in the area, and to share their experience with Cambodian partners.

CDF raises funds for international development programs, based on co-operative values that are administered by the Canadian Co-operative Association (CCA). The mission enables Canadian credit union leaders to learn how building a co-operative is a big step towards alleviating poverty in developing countries. The CDF is a registered charitable organization which raises money to help alleviate poverty by building and strengthening financial and non-financial co-ops in developing countries.

“At Interior Savings we are committed to the communities we serve, but our co-operative values stretch beyond those borders. Locally owned co-operatives and credit unions provide a solid foundation for reducing poverty and building stronger communities. The mission opened my eyes to a uniquely different way of life; it reinforced our commitment to helping individuals close to home and across the globe build a better life for their families and their communities,” says Conway, Interior Savings President and CEO.