Junk or treasures?

We all come into this world as naked as a jay bird - Seniors at Large

  • May. 14, 2012 7:00 p.m.

We all come into this world as naked as a jay bird; but we soon find our hands are great tools to pick up and throw things around, like little toy cars or trucks or teddy bears, whatever is at hand.

Seems we continue this type of hoarding (or whatever you choose to call it) for most of our life.  Jazzy purses and all manner of clothes, whatever is the ‘in’ thing, at every stage of our lives, be you male or female.  I can’t speak for the male gender (as in a tuxedo for graduation day and (or) wedding duds).

All our lives, most of us go on collecting something or other, until we wake up and find ourselves at the ‘downsizing’ age, when to preserve or find more space to move around in, or until we begin to look at things as junk.

Next step is usually a garage sale, or if that didn’t work, next comes the ‘giving away’ to our friends and relatives before our inevitable demise.

So what’s the matter with me? Too many yard sales to be attended, too many wonderful auctions.

So, renew old friendships to renew or buy some more junk.  No matter how old you are now the time will come – don’t say you weren’t warned!