Keeping your pets safe during winter weather: Part 2

Animal Speak with Lindsay Curry - Keeping your pets safe during winter weather: Part 2

Cats and dogs and other companion animals need special consideration in winter weather.  Here are some more tips to help them through the season.

If there is deep snow (as defined by your dog’s size!), consider shovelling a potty area.

Think of how awful it would be to have to potty in the snow up to your… potty parts!

Puppies are especially vulnerable to cold, and might not be able to relieve themselves outdoors in winter.

Make sure they are only outside with you, so you can monitor how well they are coping.

Remember that tile and uncarpeted areas can get quite cold, as can basements.  Provide a warm place to sleep, out of the way of drafts.

Don’t shave your pet in winter!  They need their full coat to stay warm.

Vehicles can act as refrigerators by holding the cold inside.  Be cautious about leaving your pets in a vehicle unattended.

Dogs should not be riding unsecured in the back of pickup trucks at the best of times – it is unsafe and illegal.  In winter, it is particularly dangerous, due to wind chill and slippery conditions in the truck bed.  Imagine how you would feel, standing on cold metal in the cold?

Pets can lose scent in snow and ice and get lost – make sure your pet has up to date identification.

Lakes and ponds are not always frozen through, so beware.

If your pet is out in the cold and starts to shiver and shake, get them into a warm, sheltered place immediately.  If you suspect hypothermia, call the vet without delay.

Keep your companion animals safe in winter; they are part of the family.