Keeping your pets safe this Halloween

Animal Speak with Lindsay Curry - Keeping your pets safe this Halloween

Halloween is a fun human holiday, but it can be scary and dangerous for pets.  The constant ringing of the doorbell, seeing people dressed oddly, the opening and closing of the door.   More is going on than usual, and then comes the sound of firecrackers.

Our pets can truly find this alarming.  Pets who become panicked can dart out the open door and either get into traffic or become lost.  Some animals that are especially scared have been known to jump through windows.  If they are outside, many animals will try to leave their yard to try to escape the noise and upheaval.  Animal shelters are often overwhelmed after Halloween with lost and frightened animals.

So it’s important to make sure your animals are as comfortable and as safe as possible.  If you are going to hand out treats at the door, make sure your pets can’t get out by putting a baby gate across your front door or an exercise pen (x-pen) around the door area.

Set your pets up in another room where they can’t get to the door.  Give them something to keep them busy.  Bones, treat-dispensing toys, bully sticks… anything that will keep  them mentally engaged and not bored – and make it clear to them that they are not being punished!  Sometimes, it’s best to have your pets down in the basement, especially if they are sensitive to noise.

Just in case your pet does escape, make sure he or she has up-to-date identification: a tattoo or microchip (or both), and a tag on their collar that gives your contact information so that anyone who finds them can make sure they get home to you.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween.