Kid’s Corner

Kid's Corner column, Barriere

Okay kids, here is your chance to have your stories, poems, photos, reports, thoughts and more printed in the paper. Send your submission to news@star/ or drop it off at our Star/Journal office, 359 Borthwick, Barriere. Make sure your name, age, and telephone number is included or we cannot use your submission.

Thank you to grade 5 student Rebecca Quiding,10, of Barriere for sharing two of her poems with our readers this week.

The colours of a rainbow are so terrifically fantastic.

The rainbow stretches so big I would think it’s an elastic.

The people below are overflowed of so much imagination.

So much that the the young boy looks like that was his first creation.

You are like a flower, you are beautiful and wise,

You are so colourful, everyone will stop and look with their eyes.

You are popular and fun,

you even come to play in the sun.

But you’re better!

With lots of love