LFWI give $1,000 to Hospice House

Little Fort Women’s Institute (LFWI) president Barb Denton reports that the group is currently in abeyance and will be folding after 74 years of life in the North Thompson Valley.  She says the long standing women’s organization will be finished as of December 31, 2011.

Denton says that as a last hurrah the group has decided after completing their normal donations for the year they will leave the bulk of their funds totalling $1,000 to the North Thompson Valley Hospice House Society (NTVHHS) which is now a registered society.

“The remaining ladies of the LFWI felt by donating these funds earned in the North Thompson Valley to the Hospice House Society they would pay tribute to past members as well as pay it forward into the future, thereby leaving a lasting mark in the name of the Little Fort Women’s Institute,” said the LFWI president.

She also clarifies that this Hospice House Society should not be confused with the Barriere or Clearwater  Hospice Societies.  The NTVHH Society was formed in agreement with the other Hospice Societies, as all felt there is a need for a Hospice House in the Valley and that Little Fort would be the most central location for this house.

The NTVHH Society has been working on this project for approximately the last two years.  One of the Society’s fundraisers is the annual Hospice Cup Bike Challenge between Clearwater and Barriere, which is held in the fall.

This year the Little Fort Women’s Institute also turned over their ‘Antiques Apparisal Weekend’ event to the NTVHH Society, who in turn will annually hold this event as a spring fundraiser.

“Of note is the fact that five of the six remaining members of the LFWI now belong to the NTVHH Society,” said Denton.

The North Thompson Valley Hospice House Society meets the third Tuesday of every month (except in July and August) at the Little Fort Community Hall at 11 a.m.  Anyone having questions about the Society is encouraged to contact Barb Denton at 250-677-4367.