Local celebrates 20 good years after liver transplant

Recipient encourages others to register to be an organ donor and give the gift of life

North Thompson Valley resident, equestrian, and area realtor, Karina Scott, celebrated a special milestone in her life last Monday, Dec. 12, in Barriere.

“It’s my 20 year anniversary,” Karina told this reporter, “The anniversary of receiving a liver transplant that has given me the opportunity to have an extended life.”

After two decades Karina says she continues to be extremely grateful for the very special gift of an organ donation that she received.

“My life goes on – and life is good; and because of that I want people to really think about being an organ donor,” said Karina, “It’s something that you can give, it doesn’t cost you anything, and it is the greatest gift imaginable.”

She notes that she had been registered as an organ donor many years before she had any idea she herself might one day be on the receiving end; noting she registered because she understood the importance of tissue and organ donations even then.

“But never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever be a recipient myself,” said Karina, “ Then I developed liver disease, and on Dec. 12, 1991, in Vancouver General Hospital, I received the gift of life; the greatest gift that anyone can give.”

“I will never know the person who gave me this most amazing gift, and unfortunately they will never know how much this has meant to me; but perhaps I can encourage others to sign up as donors.

“It’s been a great life the past 20 years, and it’s going to continue to be.  I enjoy being able to be a productive person, being active in the community, and helping people wherever I can. Thanks to that one person who made a decision so many years ago to help another human being with something they could easily provide.

“Be a donor.  Give the gift of life.  I ask everyone to think about signing a donor card – it could save a life.

“How cool is that?”

There are more than 350 British Columbians currently waiting for a second chance. Stop the wait. Registering for organ donation takes seconds at www.transplant.bc.ca.

BC Transplant, established in 1986, is a comprehensive health care organization responsible for all aspects of organ transplant in British Columbia, including; pre-transplant assessment, organ recovery and donor matching, follow-up care at regional clinics across the province, research and clinical trials, and public education.

In 1997, a new, remote access, computerized registry was introduced to legally record an individual’s decision on organ donation in British Columbia. This registry, the first of its kind in Canada, replaced all previous ways of recording your decision, including placing a decal on your CareCard or driver’s license.  Go to www.transplant.bc.ca.