Lunatics and drunks disgraceful


It was not a night to be a Vancouver policeman last Wednesday!  I have been watching the Stanley Cup playoffs, but the last game #7, was enough to curl your hair.  The aftermath of the game happened on the Vancouver streets, notably Granville and Georgia Streets, where the crowd started a riot, breaking store windows, setting fire to cars (I watched two police cars set on fire).  I’m sure that every policeman in the area were there,  and they had to call for reinforcements.

I felt pity for the poor horses who had to carry the police through that crowd of lunatics and drunks.  Seemed the smashed windows (the Bay got the brunt of it) were all targets for looters.  There is no way to adequately describe the scene – I watched it till midnight and went to bed sick to the stomach with the horrible scene.

I don’t envy the media either, a very nasty thing for viewers to see.

As I write this it is another gray day out there, where has the sunshine gone?