More canvassers needed for local Cancer Society April’s door-to-door

Volunteers desperately needed for annual April canvassing in Barriere area

The Barriere Unit of the Canadian Cancer Society held their regular monthly meeting last week with only five members present.

Once all business listed on the agenda was taken care of, the group focused their discussion on the most critical concern at this time; aside from the Daffodil and Pin Sale and the raffle, the most important fundraiser is the door to door canvass in April, which is Cancer Month.

The local branch of the Society has a membership of 12, but not all of them are active, and it was noted that is is not possible to organize and to carry out the April campaign without more volunteers.

Several options were discussed, one being to try and involve Grade 12 high school students.  It could be a possibility, but it would involve training sessions, as the whole process demands detailed paperwork and there are large sums of money involved that has to be precisely accounted for.

The best solution would be to find active volunteers to fill the gap.

“Unit president Val Stamer said, “We need enough people to cover the routes, the more we have the shorter the time needed to complete the event. Of course it would be wonderful if new people join our society.  Our members have been working with us for a long time, and they would appreciate a little break.”

She also noted that the canvasser’s walking routes will be assigned as close to the walker’s homes as possible to make it easier for the volunteers.

Those attending the meeting felt that not continuing the work the Barriere Unit of the Canadian Cancer Society has done in the past would be a serious loss to those living with cancer and their families in our area.

Having a local organization to provide advice on how to access different agencies for help for instance, or just to be able to talk with someone at times is important; and of course, fund raising is essential for continuing the fight against the disease.

The Barriere Unit is sending out a plea for volunteers to join them in being able to continue to help those who depend on the Society the most – those within our communities who are dealing with cancer.

For more information, or to find out how you can help please call Virginia Smith at 250-672-0149.