New year and new exec for 4H

Yellowhead 4H Club Report by Lauren Tremblay - New year and new exec for 4H

The Yellowhead 4-H Club had their first meeting on Thursday, Jan. 10.  The general meetings are held on the first Thursday of every month at the Legion basement in Barriere.

The excitement of the evening was choosing our new executive. After the nominating, and the accepting or respectfully declining was done, we had our new executive. The new president is Sara Kate Smith, vice-president goes to Christine Kempter, secretary is Kyle Zurbrugg, treasurer is Hannah Feller, beef safety officer is Spencer Pawloff, sheep safety officer is Sheldon Van Sickle, photography safety officer is Kathleen Pilatzke, and finally club reporter is Lauren Tremblay. The meeting had an awesome turnout, with several new members as well.

Congratulations to the new executive, what an awesome way to start the New Year.

On Jan. 26, the Speech Workshop was hosted by the Tremblay’s at the Legion. The members started out on practicing their introduction skills. All the 4-H members took a turn.  After a hardy lunch the seniors practiced impromptus; and anyone else who was interested did as well. All of 4-H members had a fun time. It was a huge turnout, and helped them picture what it was going to be like to talk in front of a big crowd. Now we can’t wait to hear all the unique speeches on club speech day Feb. 17, at 12:30 p.m., in the Barriere Lions Hall.