No streaking on this scooter

Seniors at Large

Outside my door lives “Public Enemy #1”, better known as the scooter on which they say you can have so much fun. Supposedly the ‘fun’ thing is going where you want to go,   but the problem is I’m very nervous about it going where I don’t want to go.

Our number one scooter driver, “Donna L”, is an example of the fun side of the wheels, and she seems to have absolutely no fear as she whizzes past my window. She has taken me, and beginner Dorothy, out to the park and attempted to teach us the joy of how to back the darned thing up without backing into something or somebody. She has had minimal success in that area.

I figure if I ever get used to driving it I’ll have to give it a name “Blue” or “Silver Streak”; but I think the word streak defines speed, and that I ain’t got. Although you’ve got to admit the name would sound pretty darned ritzy.

There were four tables in play at Monday night Whist and the winners were Bill Fleming with a 219 score, and Eva Long with 213. Other good scorers were Ed Gartner 209, Alice Babcock 209, and Maureen Coleman with 206.