Oh, that lovely gooey stuff

Seniors At Large

We took the high road to Kamloops yesterday, specifically to go gambling at the Casino; not expecting to make a fortune, but a paltry few hundred would be acceptable.   Unfortunately, Lady Luck didn’t like the look of our money.   After failing miserably to coax those machines to make us a little bit richer, we left the place with an appetite for fish and chips. So we headed up to ‘Joey’s Only’, and ate everything but our plates.   The menu advertised an exotic looking dessert called mud pie, which was not really a pie but layers of lovely gooey stuff drizzled with chocolate.  Since we had lost our shirts at the Casino, we ordered one piece of dessert and four teaspoons. There were four tables of Whist in play at Monday night Whist in the Barriere Seniors Hall.   Winners were Karen Morgan and Marilyn Crichton, both with a 219 score.  Other good scores were Maureen Coleman 213, and Rob Rutten and Ivy Johnson both with scores of 206. A small crew at Fun Cards on Monday, but we all managed to have a good time anyway.